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Key points of Bush's speech

President Bush sets out agenda and policies Thursday.
America Votes 2004
George W. Bush

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In his acceptance speech Thursday night to the Republican National Convention, President Bush talked about what he said his administration had achieved and what he would do if re-elected. Here are the highlights.

Domestic record

  • No Child Left Behind Act -- "America's schools are getting better."
  • Medicare strengthened.
  • "Largest tax relief in a generation."
  • Economy is growing and creating jobs.
  • Home ownership "at an all-time high."
  • Tripled funding for homeland security.
  • Trained 500,000 first responders.
  • Reforming and strengthening intelligence services.
  • Transforming the military.
  • Economic agenda

  • Simplify tax code.
  • Make tax relief permanent.
  • Reduce dependency on foreign energy sources.
  • Restrain federal spending.
  • Level playing field for American goods abroad.
  • Expand trade.
  • Create "opportunity zones" to attract businesses, boost housing and improve job training in depressed areas.
  • Education agenda

  • Double the number of people served by primary job training program.
  • Increase funding for community colleges.
  • Fund early intervention programs for students at risk.
  • Require rigorous high school graduation exam.
  • Expand Pell grants for low- and middle-income college students.
  • Health care agenda

  • Allow small businesses access to group medical insurance rates.
  • Create small-business tax credit for health savings accounts.
  • Provide help to low-income people for such accounts.
  • Increase number of community and rural health centers.
  • Reform medical liability laws.
  • Keep health decisions out of bureaucratic hands.
  • Step up enrollment of eligible children in federal health insurance program.
  • Social agenda

  • Reform labor laws to offer comp time and flextime.
  • 7 million more affordable homes in next 10 years.
  • Allow workers to invest portion of payroll taxes in personal retirement accounts.
  • Social policies

  • Supports welfare reform that requires work and strengthens family.
  • "We must make a place for the unborn child."
  • Supports federal help to religious charities.
  • Supports protection of marriage as union of man and woman.
  • Will continue to appoint strict constructionists to federal bench.
  • Anti-terrorism strategy

  • Staying on offensive by striking terrorists abroad.
  • Working to advance liberty in Middle East.
  • "Confront threats to America before it is too late."
  • "Wisest use of American strength is to advance freedom."
  • Anti-terrorism results

  • Pakistan and Saudi Arabia capturing terrorist leaders.
  • Taliban defeated in Afghanistan and democracy taking hold.
  • Iraq liberated and democratic outlook hopeful.
  • Libya dismantling nuclear weapons programs.
  • Three-quarters of key al Qaeda members and associates detained or killed.
  • Thanking the military

  • "Because of you, the world is more just and will be more peaceful."
  • Thanking allies

  • "America is grateful, and America will not forget."
  • Messages for future

  • "We have reached a time for hope."
  • "This young century will be liberty's century."
  • "By promoting liberty abroad, we will build a safer world."
  • "By encouraging liberty at home, we will build a more hopeful America."

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