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Key points of Cheney's speech

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Day Three:  Cheney takes stage

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Day Four: Thursday

Theme: 'A Safer World, a More Hopeful America'

7:45 to 11:15 p.m. ET: Those appearing include Mary Lou Retton, Dorothy Hamill, Lynn Swann, Cardinal Egan, George Pataki, and George W. Bush, speaking in acceptance of the Republican nomination for president
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America Votes 2004
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Dick Cheney

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In his speech Wednesday night to the Republican National Convention, Vice President Dick Cheney sought to contrast the record of the Bush administration with the record of the Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. Here are the highlights.

Election choices

  • Nation faces "a defining moment."
  • One of the most important elections in American history.
  • Second term goals

  • Continue to make health care "more affordable and accessible to all Americans."
  • Reform medical liability laws.
  • Preserve freedom and security "against determined enemies."
  • Domestic achievements

  • No Child Left Behind Act -- "most significant education reform in 40 years."
  • "Greatest tax reduction in a generation."
  • "Businesses are creating jobs."
  • Home ownership "at an all-time high."
  • War on terrorism

  • "A war we did not start and have no choice but to win."
  • "We have captured or killed hundreds of al Qaeda."
  • Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan shut down.
  • Taliban driven from power.
  • Dealt with "a gathering threat" in Iraq.
  • Saddam Hussein "sits in jail."
  • Helped move Middle East toward "lasting peace."
  • Pressured Libya to abandon nuclear weapons.
  • Black market in nuclear weapons technology shut down.
  • Tribute to military

  • Service members "have the thanks of our nation."
  • Fought enemy with courage and "reached out to civilians with compassion."
  • "Won stunning victories" and "faced hard duty and long deployments."
  • Nation will forever honor memories of those who died.
  • Critique of Kerry

  • Differences between Kerry and President Bush are sharpest on America's role in world.
  • Kerry has consistently voted wrong on national security.
  • Favors U.N. support before deploying troops.
  • Opposed Reagan defense buildup "that brought victory in the Cold War."
  • Voted against 1991 Persian Gulf War.
  • Voted for current Iraq war but against supplemental defense funds.
  • Doesn't think America was attacked.
  • "Denounces American action when other countries don't approve."
  • "Habit of indecision ... sends a message of confusion."
  • Praise of Bush

  • President possesses "wisdom and humility."
  • "Speaks plainly and means what he says."
  • "A person of loyalty and kindness."
  • "A man of great personal strength."
  • Acts with "a moral seriousness that calls evil by its name."
  • Shares optimism that made America great.

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