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The more things change ...: Powell on Bush foreign policy
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CNN's Ed Henry previews the final week of campaigning.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is joining the president campaign roadshow.

Sen. John Kerry in Florida with former Vice President Al Gore.
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With one week remaining, could anything change your vote?
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New York

(CNN) -- asked its users what issue President Bush and Sen. John Kerry should focus during the final week of campaigning.

Here is a sampling from their responses, some of which have been edited. Send your comments.

Rebecca Black from Olmsted Falls, Ohio:

Jobs and health care

James Macchiaroli from Glenview, Illinois:

Health care; there is no single issue that can and will have an immediate effect on employment, job creation, wages and the economy. It would and could help to take pressure off Social Security and Medicare. In addition, if done properly, it could have a huge positive impact on the quality of our lives in the long term.

Debbie Kalkstein from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

I believe the war on terrorism MUST be at the top of the list. The USA as a whole must be kept relatively safe from such barbaric acts. All else is a moot point as we will not be on this Earth to argue the issues.

Mark from Middle, Tennessee:

I feel that both candidates are not providing specific details regarding how they plan to address some of the U.S. domestic issues like rising health care costs, the U.S. energy dependence on oil, our aging transportation system, and the continued insufficient funding of NASA.

Ann Boddie from Fort Worth, Texas:

There are many issues the candidates should be focusing on. I think health care with lower premiums, Medicare and Social Security, plus jobs in the U.S., equal pay for women and creating more jobs and less lay-offs, utility and gas costs. I could go on and on but we need someone who cares about us.

Don Eggensperger from Grand Junction, Colorado:

There should be more talk about out massive national debt that the children will have to pay off.

Leroy from Carbon Hill, Ohio:

Which president would appoint a [Supreme Court] judge that will judge without bias and just use the laws of the land, not moral or ethical criteria?

Paul Thompson from Smoot, West Virginia:

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released data showing that overconsumption of the Earth's resources is creating a mass extinction of Earth's life. Something, someday has to give? Why is this critical issue being ignored by both the political parties and the media?

Michel F. Alloucherie from Quebec City, Quebec:

I would like the candidates to explain how they will try to improve the relations of the USA with other free countries (Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, etc.) that have deteriorated in the past years.

Rachel Gladstone-Gelman from Brooklyn, New York:

Of course, we must have more secure U.S. borders, but let's not forget prescription drugs, education, global warming, finding cures for disease, Social Security. The only thing I want to hear about big business in relation to any or all of these is that they're giving back to society through grants.

Kathy from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

This election is very personal to me and many others with sons and daughters being donated to the war in Iraq. My son has already served one year in Iraq. I would like to vote for whoever has an EXIT plan. We need to be a strong nation and fortify our borders. My youngest son, 9, thinks we should be allowed to have both Bush and Kerry serve ... Kerry could run the U.S. and Bush could go to Iraq. Might not be a bad plan.

Andy Lock from St. Louis, Missouri:

One ignored issue is U.S. energy policy, and the lack of a strategy to lessen dependence on oil. The U.S. health care situation is critical, and represents a serious socio-economic threat to our country, and our ability to compete. Too much focus on emotional issues, and both parties are not specific enough regarding their plans for addressing both of the above critical mandates. Another issue is Social Security, and the inevitable scandals -- which both parties choose to ignore also.

Maureen B. from New York:

For me, this is a one-issue race, homeland security. Having lived thru the 9/11 attack on NY, I want the candidate that I feel will be strongest on security. That's the issue. Without it, we won't need to worry about an economic recovery.

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