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Your e-mails: Reunited

CNN has received reports that some people have been soliciting money for assistance in searching for the missing. We do not authorize or in any other way endorse such offers, and recommend caution in responding to such inquiries.



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(CNN) -- We received thousands of e-mails from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the tsunamis. Here are those who were reunited. Please note that our message boards are now closed.


Sarder, Myotli
I am trying to find out information concerning Myotli Sarder and her family. I believe she resides close to Banani, Dhaka [Dacca]. She is a child I sponsor through World Vision.
Update: Thank you for all of your concern. I have received notification from World Vision that my sponsored child Myotli Sarder is safe.


Aboo, Sabitha
We are seeking information on our dear friend Sabitha Aboo. She works for GE Medical in India and we have not heard from her. We are praying she is safe.
Update: I sent an inquiry about Sabitha Aboo. I received an email from her today. She and her family are fine. Thanks for your assistance!

Arokiasamy, Sam
Dr. Sam Arokiasamy works at Miniala Clinic, Ambikapuram, Tamil Nam, South India. We've been friends for many years. If anyone knows if he survived the tsunami please let me know. Thank you! My prayers are with all the survivors as well as those who lost loved ones.
Update: My friend Sam Arokiasamy is OK. Thank you.

Baindur family
Hoping to find out Nivedita (Nita), Ashwin and Arjun Baindur are OK. Please e-mail me if you have any information.
Update: The Baindur family is apparently safe and sound.

Balachandran Family
We are looking for the Balachandran family. Australian citizens, who were on a holiday in India. Last message from them was from Chennai.
Update: The family Balachandran has been found. We have had contact with them and they are fine.

Benziger, Gabriel
Our friends living in Belgium worry a whole lot about their friend who they see as their son, Father Gabriel Benziger, director of social works. He was working as a missionary priest at Port Blair, Andaman, India, and stayed in the Catholic bishop's house, Junglighat, Andaman, India. Do you have some information about him? God bless, and take care.
Update: Thanks very much for your help, we have found that Father Benziger is safe and well. I spoke to the Bishop today and he assured me that Father Benziger was safe as were all of them in the Bishop's house at Port Blair.

Canvin, Jennifer; Andy Asharafi
I am trying to make contact with my disabled sister, 40, and her boyfriend. They travel to India every year and stay in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. My sister is confined to wheelchair, has blue eyes and long dread-locked hair. Her name is Jennifer Canvin and her Spanish boyfriend is Andy Asharafi. I have left messages and descriptions with embassies and help lines. I am desperate for news.
Update: This couple is safe and well.

Chakrabarti, Urmi
I am looking for a close friend, Urmi Chakrabarti. She was traveling with her parents and brother. They were visiting relatives in Calcutta. I have not been in touch with her since she left on December 10. She was scheduled to fly back to Dallas, Texas, with her family on January 8-9. She is about 5'6", 135 pounds, wears black glasses and has black, very curly hair. She is Indian (Bengali) and speaks Bengali and English. I would appreciate any information you could give me.
Update: Urmi Chakrabarti and family are fine. I really appreciate the replies and concern.

Cooper, Ben
My little brother, Ben Cooper, 28, is India. We last heard from him on Christmas Day. He was in Varanasi. He may be traveling with an Israeli girl.
Update: He has contacted my mum and me, and he's fine. Thanks to everyone who contacted me with kind messages and information. It meant a lot.

Corrigan, Richard and Tyler, Diane
We are desperately looking for any news of Richard Corrigan and Diane Tyler from London who left Heathrow for India on December 17. Last heard from on Christmas Day. Richard probably on an Irish Passport and Diane or Diana on a UK passport. No more details as yet. Please phone Ireland to let family know.
Update: Both home safe and well in the UK. Thank you.

Crandell, Craig and Nethercutt, Nancy
Am trying to ascertain the safety and whereabouts of our friends Craig Crandell and Nancy Nethercutt -- whereabouts unknown in India. They travel to India every year in the off-season at our motel. We believe them to be in northern India, however, last year they spent 3 months on the east coast of India, an area which was affected by the tsunami, are hoping they are safe.
Update: Craig Crandell and Nancy Nethercutt have been located and are safe. We really appreciate the work CNN is doing on behalf of those searching for missing friends and loved ones.

Dias-Hawkins family
Seeking information on the Dias-Hawkins family. Aileen, Torrey and their son Xavier, one of my son's best friends. Also, their family that was traveling with them. Please e-mail any info. Thanks!
Update: This family is safe and all home in the US. Thanks!

Heroux, Francois
We are desperately searching for Francois Heroux, 31, a Canadian citizen from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 6', short dark hair, brown eyes, dark skin. Last contact was by e-mail on December 26 in the morning. He was to travel from Goa, India, to the southern point of India that morning with intentions of going close to Sri Lanka.
Update: Francois Heroux has been found alive through help of the media and another parent. He suffered a scooter accident in Goa, India, had a head injury and amnesia. He was hospitalized and had no concept of the terrible tragedies going on.

Garlapotty, Ajay
My friend Ajay Garlapotty was vacationing with his family in India near the coast. He was supposed to return home yesterday but no one has yet heard anything from him.
Update: Please remove Ajay Garlapotty from your list of missing. His family has thankfully been contacted and they were all able to reach higher ground.

Gudipoodi, Mounica
Looking for sponsored child in Repalle Guntur District.
Update: I've heard from an orphanage 8 miles (13 km) from the NSM Hostel, and he says that all is OK in Repalle Guntur District, India. Thanks for allowing me to post my appeal.

Harbutt, Lisa
I am looking for my friend. Her name is Lisa Harbutt. She traveled to Havelock Island on December 7 and was planning to stay there for Christmas.
Update: Lisa Harbutt is safe and well. The family have spoken to someone whose daughter was on Havelock Island. There is relatively little damage on this island and no reported injured or missing foreigners. Communications are difficult so be patient.

Joseph, Elizabeth
I am searching for my friend Elizabeth Joseph and her family: Cyril (husband) and their teen daughters Marci and Melissa. They left Atlanta the weekend of Dec. 18 to visit Kerala, India and Malaysia.
Update: Elizabeth and her family are safe and sound. Thank you for allowing us to post this appeal.

Krishnasamy, Vetrivel
We are waiting to hear from Vetrivel Krishnasamy, resident of Chennai [Madras]. Please advise once they have heard anything from him and or perhaps other family members.
Update: We have located our family member. He is doing well. Thank you for this provision and all your well wishes.

Makam, Anil Naga and Vamshi; Shah, Valerie
Anil is a second year medical student in Philadelphia. Anil is in Chennai, TN, India. All are residents of California. Anil is 22, about 6'1"-6'2" and about 147 pounds. Update: I reported Anil Makam and his family, and Valerie Shah and her family as missing however we have heard from them and all are safe and back in the United States. Thank you for providing this resource to assist the search for missing loved ones.

Matheson, Kay Lynne
My sister is a teacher at the American school In Chennai. We have not heard anything since a December 20. Her name is Kay Lynne Matheson; she's 39, 5'8" tall.
Update: I've just spoken to Kay Lynne and she is fine. She was a meditation center in Chennai and could not be reached.

Mathew, Varughese
Looking for Rev. Varughese Mathew, who has a children's home in Andaman Islands. Does anyone have any news of the reverend or his family and ministry?
Update: Rev. Varughese Mathew has been heard from is safe.

Nguyen, Hanh and Tung
My sister and brother-in-law (in their 40s) were in India when the tsunamis hit. They're supposed to be in a city to visit a Buddhist temple but we have not heard from them since the disaster. Please call home. If any one knows information about them, please e-mail me.
Update: This is to let you know that I heard from my sister and her husband from India on Saturday, the 8th. They are fine. Thank you.

Nirmalnath, John and family
I am looking for Lexington, Ohio, area family. Dr. John Nirmalnath and family are believed to be vacationing in the Madras, India, area.
Update: The Nirmalnath family is safe. Thank you

Perry, Andrew and Laurie
I am looking for information about my son and his wife. Andrew and Laurie Perry are in Puttaparthi at the Ashamram Prasanthi Nilayam, run by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Any information about what the people at the Ashram are doing would be helpful.
Update: Andrew and Laurie Perry have phoned from their Ashram to report that all are safe there. Thank you for your help.

Ramchander family
Ramchander family residing at Sneha Apartments, 1st Main Road, Rapuram, Chennai. Phone not responding.
Update: The family is safe and well.

Roederer, Josh; Zora Teucher
Josh Roederer is my son who was traveling in southern India with his Swiss girlfriend, Zora Teucher. We have not heard from them since December 10. Josh is blond, blue-eyed, age 34. He has a frog tattoo on the inside of one wrist.
Update: We have heard from Josh Roederer and Zora Teuscher. Thank you for this public service.

Sandhu, Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Sandhu was in India over the holidays to get married. Was supposed to be back to work in the U.S. on December 28. No one has heard from him. If anyone has any information regarding Joe or his new wife and their family please contact us.
Update: We received an e-mail from Joe. He is ok. He is returning to the US next week, as flights have been delayed and the airlines are now catching up with previous reservations. Thanks CNN for this service you have provided those of us looking for friends and family.

Schmid, Pascal
Please find our son, Pascal Schmid, from Switzerland, age 26. He has brown hair and a large fantasy tattoo on his right hip. We understand he traveled to Havelock, [in] South Andaman on December 16.
Update: Pascal Schmid is safe and well. He called his girlfriend yesterday morning. I am so grateful to CNN for this service.

Shulamite, Miracle and family
I am searching for information on a child and her family who live at Plot #33, Arulnagar, Urappakkam, Kanchipuram District in Tamil Nadu. Her name is Miracle Shulamite and her mother's name is Hepsheba and sister is Sweety Deborah. Please e-mail if you know their whereabouts and safety. We are so very anxious to know that they are safe. Thank you. Update: I have received an e-mail from Chennai that Urapakkam, Kanchipuram was not hit by the tsunami waves. So this family would be safe. Thank you.

Sivanandan, R. and Kausalya
I have not heard from my friend R. Sivanandan and his wife, Kausalya. They live in Chennai. He is a professor at one of the universities there. I worked with him several years here at Virginia Tech. My last contact was an e-mail from him [was] on December 22 with holiday wishes.
Update: The couple is safe and well.

Smejcova, Irena; Petr Elias
Seeking information about two missing people, from Czech Republic. They were on the Andaman Island at the time of the wave. They are Irena Smejcova, and Petr Elias.
Update: Irena Smejcova and Petr Elias are OK in Andaman. They contacted us on December 27. Thanks very much to all who contacted us. Their parents.

Xavier, Frans
Searching for Frans Xavier, my employee and friend. Frans was visiting his family in the area of Kanniyakumari and Nagercoil. Believed to be in area of Azhagappapuram.
Update: I was searching for Frans Xavier, a friend and employee. Frans has been located alive and well. Thank you, CNN, for your service in helping!


Bernard, Ruel & Kawabata, Akiyo
My brother Ruel and his sweetheart, Akiyo, have not been heard from since December 21. Think they may have been in Sumatra. They are both approximately 50 years old and from Oakland, California. Akiyo is Japanese-American, just over 5 feet tall with long black hair and bangs. Ruel is approximately 6 feet tall with longish dark hair and glasses.
Ruel Bernard & Akiyo Kawabata have been found. They came down from the mountains of Indonesia on Jan 6 and finally contacted their families. Needless to say, we're overjoyed.

Dauncey, Rebecca
I'm desperately looking for my dearest friend, Rebecca Dauncey, who lives in Pulau Weh. She was building a bungalow on the island and is well-known in the area.
Update: Thank you to everyone that helped me get new of Rebecca, who is safe and well. Have received texts from Pulau Weh, which reads: On the Island still no electric or phones, medicine finished days ago and food getting short, a lot of people lost everything but are just glad to be alive.

Gurtoo, Stuti
My friend Stuti Gurtoo is living in Jakarta with her family.
Update: I had written an appeal about Stuti Gurtoo. Please remove it as contact has been established.

Ho, Petra
Looking for Petra Ho, employee of PT Komatsu in Jakarta Indonesia. Have not heard from anyone at this business. Cannot locate Petra. Can anyone tell me if she is alive?
Update: FOUND! Heard from her yesterday, she is on the other side of the island and everyone there is fine! Thank God!!!

de Rooij, Frank (Muhammed Herman)
My brother, Frank de Rooij (Muhammed Herman), is living in Sumatra, about 100 kilometers west from Medan. The last time we heard from him was last week before the disaster.
Update: Thank God my brother has called my mother. He is fine and has no damage. He had felt the quake, but there was no water. Thank you for your concern. I wish the best for the other people who are missing relatives. Thank you.

Morada, Sutriana
Information relating to the safety of our sponsored child Sutriana Morada (12 years old) and family (part of the Banggai Area Development Program -- World Vision -- Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia).
Update: Received correspondence from World Vision relating to Sutriana Morada. States: "Initial reports indicate that there have been no serious injuries in your sponsored child and their family's community."

Tolley, Sydney and family
Looking for news of my daughter's young friend, Sydney Tolley (9 years old) and her parents Luis Tolley and Lisa Kramer, Ph.D. Ms. Kramer was a health worker from California who moved her family to Indonesia this past summer. Thank you.
Update: Happy to report that I have heard through a mutual friend that little Sydney Tolley and her parents were actually up in the air in an airplane when the tsunami hit. They are fine. Thanks for your help.


Burke, Tom
Looking for Tom Burke. He was on Lamu and wrote an e-mail to his parents 30 minutes before it hit. He is about 26, brown hair, under 6' tall. He is writing a novel and is from Evanston, Illinois.
Update: Please take Tom Burke off the list of missing persons. He is OK. He is fine and was not affected by the tsunami. Thank you.

Jacobsen, Bjorn
My Swedish son, Bjorn Jacobsen, is on vacation with his Kenyan girlfriend, Winnie, and her family in Kenya. I haven't heard from him since Christmas Eve, when he called from a place south of Mombasa. He's 1.86 m high [and] has brown eyes and short dark blond hair.
Update: My son, Bjorn Jacobsen, is OK! I heard from him today. Please remove him from the list of missing persons.

O'Neill, James Brendan
Has anyone heard from James Brendan O'Neill, known as Brendan, staying in Malindi, Kenya, with the Cellini family and guests? Possibly on island of Lamu or in Tanzania?
Update: We have since heard from him. Thank you for your good work.


Andryshack, Peter and Sharlene
I am looking for Peter and Sharlene Andryshack, both Americans. Shar and Pete went to visit family over the holidays in Malaysia. He is about 6'4" and she about 5'4", she is expecting their first child. We cannot reach them. Any news would be much appreciated!
Update: Pete and Shar Andryshack are home safely. Thank you for this site! It is so comforting to have so many people concerned and giving info!

Bennett, Geoff and June
I would like any information on my uncle and aunt, Geoff and June Bennett, who are residents in Paradise Sandy Beach Resort.
Update: I managed to get in touch with Geoff Bennett in Penang, Malaysia. They are safe at the hotel. Please tell the sender of this e-mail they can get in touch with me if they want to. I have received news from a man called Jeremy who took time to look up my aunt and uncle and says they are well. I am grateful to people like this who are using their time and internet skills to bring reassurance. Best hopes to all those others seeking friends and family. Note to CNN: thank you.

Chang, Lee Leng
My friend Lee Leng Chang is Malaysian. That is her last known location for me. Lee Leng has at least two children and is a member of the Soka Gakkai International as well as the Malaysian headquarters. The SGI is a lay Buddhist organization. Lee Leng is also a graduate of Soka University in Japan. We went to school there together. Her maiden name is Chang. Would like to hear about her whereabouts. Thank you.
Update: Due to a wonderful family delay, Lee Leng and her entire family were not at the beach yet. All are safe and sound. Thank you so much.

Dalat International School
Does anyone have news of Dalat International School in Penang, Malaysia? I understand some teachers and students were on campus even though it is the Christmas holidays.
Update: All are safe at school -- the seawall has been damaged, but there were no injuries or deaths. I have heard from a friend who attended Dalat and whose sister now works there. But I would like to hear of more news -- if anyone knows of anything with regards to the Malay staff that were on campus, please post.

DeRose, Karen; Scott Snowden
I am trying to locate my sister, Karen DeRose, and her boyfriend, Scott Snowden, of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They were last known to be scuba diving in Borneo, Malaysia. We last had contact with Karen on December 23. The next leg of their vacation was hiking in Malaysia. They are expected back in the U.S. [on] January 7. If anyone has any information, please contact me. God bless.
Update: My sister has contacted us recently and is doing well. I would like to thank everyone who contacted me for the information, support, concern and prayers. Thank you, CNN, for this service.

Katsuda, Leighton; and friend Mari Matsuo
Both were visiting Langkawi. Received an e-mail on December 27 but have not received any communications since then.
Update: We received a phone call from Leighton last night and they are well. Thank you to everyone for your help and aloha.

Lim, Shyan Shyen
Shyan Shyen Lim, a college friend, lives in Malaysia, I think it is Penang. If you see this Shyen please write back or if anyone has any information on him. Thank you!
Update: I have made contact with him today and he is fine! Thanks for all who emailed!

Ling, Fong Teng
My friend lives with her family in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. Her name is Fong Teng Ling, she is 25 years old. She has a brother and loving parents. Her nationality is Malaysian Chinese and she is Hainamese-Chinese. She speaks Hokkien and English.
Update: Thank you very much. I had contact with my friend today!! "Muchas Gracias."

Oldwage, Elge
Looking for Elge Oldwage was last heard from on Christmas Day and was supposed to be leaving Bangkok for Malaysia on the morning of the quake. Was to be returning to South Africa on January 12.
Update: Elge Oldwage has just called home and is safe and well.

Ong, Kar Weng
We are looking for Kar Weng (Mel) Ong. He went to visit his family in Ipoh for the holidays and no one has heard from him since around December 20. He is due back in America on January 7 and we are all very concerned about his safety. If anyone has heard from him, please e-mail us.
Update: Kar Weng (Mel) Ong has e-mailed us and is fine. He should be back in the U.S. in a couple of days. Thank you and our thoughts and prayers are with all that are lost.

Santos, Michael
He is about 5'8" with medium length black hair, dark skin, and weighs about 180 pounds, early 20s. He also has a number of piercings and tattoos. His dad owns a hotel in Malaysia.
Update: He is safe.

Shen, Amy
My good friend Amy Shen is visiting Malaysia until Jan. 10 and I haven't heard from her to see if she is okay. Amy, if you can please let me know you're okay!!! Any news about her would be appreciated. She is a 22-year-old UCLA graduate visiting some family and friends over there.
Update: I posted about Amy Shen. I have heard from her, she is totally OK. Thanks for people's responses.


Bartsch, Birgit I am looking for news from my friend Birgit Bartsch, who is originally from Germany, and her boyfriend, Olli. They live on Baros Island as dive instructors. Please, when you hear from them let them contact me, Corrie Bakker, in Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean.
Update: I received an e-mail that she and her boyfriend were at sea at the time the tsunami hit. They survived!!! I was so glad to hear they were OK. Thank God for small wonders! Happy New Year. Corrie Bakker. Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Brinkley, Bruce
I am looking for news of Dr. Bruce Brinkley of Geneva, Switzerland, who was last known to be spending a vacation in the Maldives. Many thanks.
Update: This is to inform you that Dr. Bruce Brinkley is safe and sound and returned back home yesterday afternoon. Many thanks for all your efforts and I wish you good luck in finding those others missing.

Cerf, Dominique
Looking for Dr. Dominique Cerf from Belgium. She was contracted by Club Med in the Maldives Islands to work as their scuba diving doctor for the Christmas holidays. I have tried many times but have not been able to get any response from Club Med as to her whereabouts. Club Med has three resorts in the Maldives. It's most likely that she was at the Kani resort. If anyone has any information about her, we would greatly appreciate it.
Update: Great news. Dr. Dominique Cerf just got back home to Belgium from Faru. Thank you, Jeff from New York, CNN and all those trying so hard to connect people.

Hinckley family
Looking for Steve and Lynn Hinckley and their two sons.
Update: The Hinckley family is safe and has returned home to Tokyo from the Maldives.

Kotsis family
Requesting any information on the Kotsis family from Greece, arriving in the Maldives on December 25. Family members include Apostolis (father), Marina (mother), and Amthia, Yiannis and Alexios (children). This family was vacationing on two "over the water villas" commencing December 25.
Update: Kotsis family has returned safely to Greece.

Saadh, Haikal
I am concerned about Haikal Saadh, a co-worker who visited his family in the Maldives on Christmas Day. I am aware that he lives very close to the beach. Please [send] information of how he is. He does not have family in Australia. He is also an Australian citizen.
Update: Haikal Saadh has written to the author of this e-mail advising he is safe and well.

Vander Linden, Jochem
I would like to know if anyone knows anything about my friend Jochem vander Linden. He is a diving teacher on a island call Villa Varu. And also a friend called Shamee who is a dive master on the same island. I would like to know that they are both safe and in good health please.
Update: I have found my friends safe and well.

Velezine, Aishath and daughter Falak
I am looking for my friend Aishath Velezine and her daughter Falak. I am worried about them. I haven't heard from them yet. I know Vel, that's her short name, studied in Australia Brisbane, but returned to the Maldives. So she should have been in Male when the tsunami hit. Please contact me if you know anything about her and her daughter.
Update: I received feedback that Aishath Velezine and her daughter Falak are OK! Thanks for your help.


Baxi, Don
My friend is American and his name is Don Baxi from San Clemente, California. I was very worried because he said that he living in Myanmar about 10 days ago. After that, he didn't contact me more. If you know anything about him, please contact me.
Update: I am very happy to have received an e-mail from Don Baxi. He is safe and living in Bangkok now.

Cejka, Sandy
I received an e-mail from her on 23 December, in which she said she was heading to Mandalay on a bus that evening. She was traveling alone at that time.
Update: I have heard from my friend, Sandy Cejka, she is in Thailand and safe.

D'vaz, Leona
My very dear friend Leona D'vaz was known to be in Thinguanguan, Myanmar, at the time of the disaster.
Update: After a long wait, we received news today that my friend Leona D'vaz is safe and well.

Elini, Roberto
Desperately seeking info about Roberto Elini, 51 years, from Italy (Bologna) traveling by himself from Thailand to Myanmar, landed Thailand on Christmas Day, scheduled to travel on to Myanmar, no news from him since.
Update: Roberto Elini was found safe! We reported him as missing on your Web site last week but he called home yesterday and is now scheduled to come back from Bangkok in the next few days. Thank each and all of you for your help and support and God bless you all for your work. May all the missing people come home safe ! Thank you again and again.

Holding, Tricia
My friend Tricia Holding, a UK citizen, teacher, and diving enthusiast, left Laos for a holiday that was to begin in Myanmar. She may have traveled on to Thailand but her plans were vague. She has a flock of pet chickens she talks about to anyone who will listen. Have you seen her? Update: Tricia is back safe and sound, having been near Inle Lake with no news of the outside world until days after the earthquake, which she felt. The lack of e-mail service in the area thwarted her repeated attempts to contact friends and family until mid-week.

Huybrechts family
I would like to know what is the situation in Myanmar? I am looking for my family. My parents, my brother, his wife and their four children are there on vacation. The family name is Huybrechts, French and Belgium nationality. Paul Huybrechts, 73. Brigitte, 66. Eric, 42. Valérie Clerc-Huybrechts, 42. Jeanne, 7. Zoé, 5. Galilée, 3. Theotime, 1. ... I don't know where they plan to go in Myanmar. I just remember they wanted spend time to Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake. ... If somebody had some information, please contact me.
Update: My family is safe and well. They only learnt about the earthquake four days later, when they found an English newspaper and a television at Rangoon. Many thanks for all those who responding me, it helped me so much. Thanks, too, to CNN for this service.

Ingram, Tracey and Brady, Tom
Tracey Ingram is Scottish and Tom Brady is Irish. Last heard of on Christmas Day. Tracey is 27, thin build with long dark hair, 5'7". Tom is 28 from Dublin, has short dark hair and is approx 5'9". If anyone knows anything please let me know.
Update: Tracey Ingram and Tom Brady have contacted home and are safe and well in Laos. GOOD LUCK to everyone in their endeavors to find family and friends still missing.

Kent, Daisey
We are looking for our daughter Daisey Kent, a Canadian who is visiting Myanmar. We have not heard from her since December 25. The information we have is that she arrived at Yangon on December 22 via Bangkok. She stayed at Lin Thar Oo Guest House in Ngapali Beach December 24 and 25. She left for Bagan via Pyay on December 26. She was planning to go to Mandalay also. If you have any information about her please contact us.
Update: We heard from our daughter, she is safe. She phoned us from Bangkok Airport. She says Myanmar's lack of communication systems prevented her from reaching us. We thank all of you who gave help and support during this time. God bless you! We sincerely hope everyone gets home safe!

Lozano, Mary Gloria; Electa Fairchild
My friend is Mary Gloria Lozano. She is accompanied by Electa Fairchild. They are with a German tour group in Myanmar from December 18 to January 2. Both ladies are teachers with Dodds in Germany. Your coverage has been excellent with events in other countries affected, [but] I have heard minimal on the events of the disaster in Myanmar. Please assist as we are very concerned about their whereabouts. Thank you.
Update: Mary Gloria Lozano and Electa Fairchild have arrived home safely. Thanks to all for your comforting and informative e-mails.

Passfield, Kelvin
My brother, Kelvin Passfield, is supposed to be in Rangoon. He is usually very caring in that he would have alerted me as to his situation knowing we would be concerned. He works with the U.N. as the sustainable fisheries expert and has a close affinity with the coastal areas. He is Australian [but] has lived in Cook Islands for 15 years, except past three where he has been based in Bangkok. If any one has heard from him, please e-mail me if possible. Thank you.
Update: Please remove my previous e-mail as my brother and family are now located and are fine. Thank you for posting the notice.

Tambini, Gina; Kams, Mung, and Thang
I'm searching for whereabouts of Dr. Gina Tambini, husband Dr. Mung Kams and their son Thang. The doctors worked for Pan American Health Organization and they were in Birmanie or near Burma for holidays visiting relatives. Please contact me if there's any news about them, they might be staying to help people there -- I just want to know if they're OK. Thank you very much.
Update: I've just received good news about my family: Dr. Gina Tambini, Dr. Mung Kams and their son Thang, They are very fine, in good health and they're coming back home today, thanks to everyone who helped me out in their finding.

Van Houten, Mel and Keiko
I'm worried and frustrated by the lack of information coming out of Myanmar. In my father's last e-mail, he and his wife were leaving Bangkok for Myanmar around December 24. They were planning to be back in Bangkok on January 5 or 6. I don't know what part of the country they intended to visit or what means of transportation they were going to use. If you have any information about Mel and Keiko van Houten of Ellensburg, Washington, please let me know.
Update: Mel and Keiko van Houten are fine. They made it safely back to Bangkok.

Vest family
Vest; George, Lori, Daniel and Mary George, Lori, Daniel, and Mary Vest were visiting Myanmar and then going on to Thailand to meet up with friends. We don't know where they were exactly at the time of the tsunami and would like to know if they are OK.
Update: Daughter, Mary posted a note on her xanga web page Jan. 6. They are all fine and still on vacation.


Butler-Hopkins, Scott
My brother, Scott, was on holiday there with his wife, who is from the Seychelles. I managed to contact my sister-in-law's mom. She said they were OK but on an island trying to get back. Scott, 42, is from England [and] has three kids: 10, 5 and 8 months. Not sure how their condition is. His name is Scott Butler-Hopkins. May just use the name Butler. I have not heard anyone report on the Seychelles, and we have only found a little information on the Internet. If we could perhaps find out how he and his family are, that would be lovely. Thank you.
Update: My brother is fine. I am thankful for all who prayed for him. Our prayers are with all those who are still looking. May God bless each and every person. Also all those helping and the many people who are giving.

Daley, Tony and Wendy (newlyweds)
Tony and Wendy Daley and Wendy's father, Ted, were vacationing in the Seychelles. Please, anyone knowing of their whereabouts, or if they are OK, let us know. Any news would be greatly appreciated!
Update: Received news from Seychelles that there were few, if any, casualties. Most damage was flooding to residences. We are confident the Daleys are OK. Thanks for the information!

Glazer, Joe
Looking for Joe Glazer, possibly living in Seychelles when tsunamis hit. Any information confirming Joe's safety would be appreciated.
Update: Joe Glazer confirmed alive and safe.

Katz, Lisa; Allan Turner
My sister, Lisa Katz, and her friend Allan Turner were vacationing in the Seychelles. They arrived on Sunday, December 26, from South Africa, and we have not heard from them.
Update: Lisa Katz and Allan Turner. I am happy to report that we have heard from my sister and her friend and that they are safe.

Kesselring, Pascale Louise; Ivo Schmid
My sister, Pascale Louise Kesselring, and our friend Ivo Schmid are missing since the tsunami. We haven't had any contact ever since. We have no idea what is going on in Myanmar! The situation of Myanmar is an absolute disaster, and it's sad how the world just forgets about the habitants living there.
Update: My sister, Pascale Kesselring, and our friend Ivo Schmid have made contact with us today from Rangoon. The coast, Ngapali Beach, hasn't been affected badly (no people have been killed there) and Rangoon is fine, too. There is hardly any possibility to make a phone call, expect from a five-star hotel. It's possible that your relatives don't have a clue what is going on.

Sri Lanka

Alagaratnan family
We are concerned for the safe return of Kingsley and Salome and their two children who returned to their native Sri Lanka for the holidays.
Update: Safely found.

Amerasekera family
I am trying to contact Anoma, Ajith and Jasmine Amerasekera. They had gone for a wedding to Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Update: Amerasekera family update: contacted and safe. I thank CNN for this service.

Armstrong, Kacey
We are desperate for information about our dear friend, Kacey Armstrong. She was traveling with friends to a family reunion. She is 20 years old, 5'5", blond hair, blue eyes. She is from Los Altos, Mountain View, California.
Update: Kacey Armstrong and her traveling companions are alive and well in Sri Lanka. We are relieved and so very thankful.

De la Croix-Vaubois family
Looking for Paul and Stacey de la Croix-Vaubois, and their children, Jacques, Pierre and Emmanuelle. They live in Colombo. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please assure us of their safety. Thank you. God bless.
Update: The Paul de la Criox-Vaubois family is safe! Thank you so much!

De Silva, Harsha and Janeke
I am seeking any information on Harsha and Janeke De Silva. They lived in Colombo. He is an economist. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Update: I saw on your site that Michael Herfkens was looking for my information and also of Janaki's. We are fine. Thank you Michael and Jenny.

DeSilva, Hettidura and family
Hettidura (Eric) DeSilva and family. Left for Sri Lanka on 21st December to visit relatives, possibly in Colombo. Eric is a teacher in Coonamble, Australia, and his wife and 2 children live in Sydney, Australia.
Update: Update on Hettidura (Eric) De Silva and family. They were helping victims since the tsunami struck. They are now safe at home. Thank you CNN.

Dissanayake, Rukshan and Salinga
I am looking for Rukshan and Salinga Dissanayake and their two children. Last heard from them on the 24/12/04. Home address: Madinnagoda Road, Rajagiriya
Update: I have found that Rukshan and Salinga Dissanayake and their children are safe and unharmed at home.

Falck, Martina
We are looking for Martina Falck who is originally from Germany. She was last known to be living in Sri Lanka. Her father's name is Carl Borgmeir.
Update: Please remove Martina Falck's name from your list. She has been located and is fine. Thank you very much.

Finch, Darren J.
I'm still looking for my 30-year-old friend, Darren J, Finch, somewhere in Sri Lanka. Around 5'11", slim build, brown hair.
Update: Darren J. Finch has been found safe and well ... best of luck to you all.

Jayasoma, H and family
They live in Waulagoda, Hikkaduwa.
Update: Have made contact today, they are all fine. Thank you for your assistance.

Jayatilaka, Rohan
We are looking for any information on Rohan Jayatilaka. He lives at 99 Rosemead Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Update: Thank you!! The children of Rohan Jayatilaka received great news on New Year's Day. They were able to talk to their father and he is well. Thank you for all your help!!! Our thoughts are with you all.

Kanagaratnam family
Desperately seeking word of Kanagaratnam family. My friend, Theya, went to Sri Lanka prior to Christmas to visit her mother and family. There is also a brother in south India, a brother in Utah and a sister in Maryland. Have any of you heard from Theya and her mother?
Update: My friend Theya Kanagaratnam and her mom and brother are safe! Finally got in touch with her brother in Utah who reports they are all well.

Kirtisinghe; Christine and Eshanie
I am looking for Christine and Eshanie and also lucky Kirtisinghe.
Update: The persons have been found unharmed and doing well. Thank you for all your help.

Falck, Martina
We are looking for Martina Falck who is originally from Germany. She was last known to be living in Sri Lanka. Her father's name is Carl Borgmeir.
Update: Please remove Martina Falck's name from your list. She has been located and is fine. Thank you very much.

Finch, Darren J.
I'm still looking for my 30-year-old friend, Darren J, Finch, somewhere in Sri Lanka. Around 5'11", slim build, brown hair.
Update: Darren J. Finch has been found safe and well ... best of luck to you all.

Guruge family
Looking for news about the Guruge family. Their first names are S.G., Chulani, Hasara, Thanuri Srinirmani and Sri Kavidu.
Update: The whole family is alive, thank goodness. They made contact yesterday. Thank you and God bless. The Guruge family are fine, lightly injured but all alive. My heart could jump out of my chest for joy.

Hirsan, M.J.M.
Have not heard from M.J.M Hirsan living in Beruwala, Sri Lanka. Want to know you and your family are safe.
Update: I have now been contacted by my friend Hirsan. He and his family are safe. News is that parts of Beruwala are not badly affected and some aid is getting through. Communications are improving.

Jayatilaka, Rohan
We are looking for any information on Rohan Jayatilaka. He lives at 99 Rosemead Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Update: Thank you!! The Children of Rohan Jayatilaka received great news on New Year's Day. They were able to talk to their father and he is well. Thank you for all your help!!! Our thoughts are with you all.

Kaczmarczyk, Alex and family
I am looking for my father-in-law, Alex Kaczmarczyk, his wife, Helene Valladas, and my sisters-in-law, Delphine Kaczmarczyk (age 14) and Julie Kaczmarczyk (age 12). They were on holiday in Colombo from France. Delphine and Julie are of Vietnamese descent.
Update: The family are back home and all are well.

Kanagaratnam family
Desperately seeking word of Kanagaratnam family. My friend, Theya, went to Sri Lanka prior to Christmas to visit her mother and family. There is also a brother in south India, a brother in Utah and a sister in Maryland. Have any of you heard from Theya and her mother?
Update: My friend Theya Kanagaratnam and her mom and brother are safe! Finally got in touch with her brother in Utah who reports they are all well.

Kohl, Fritz; Jessen, Beate
Both are Germans and living in Munich. Fritz is 52, 185 cm, and has brown hair; Beate is 45, 180 cm, and has red hair. They are individual tourists in Sri Lanka, probably in the south.
Update: Fritz Kohl and Beate Jessen both arrived in good health. They escaped as they decided to make a trip to the Sri Lanka highlands they day before the tsunami came. What a wonderful decision.

Kumari, Sanjeenani Nadisani
I'm trying to locate my sponsored child, Sanjeenani Nadisani Kumari of Uswetakeiyawa, Sri Lanka. She is with the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.
Update: Please remove Sanjeenani Kumari from the missing person's list. Through use of your Web site I did receive valuable information which leads me to believe she's probably OK. Thank you for providing this wonderful service!

Langeveld, Jos
Missing, my brother, Jos Langeveld, and his wife, Shiranie Boellaard. ... Both families did not hear from them after the tsunami. All information is welcome.
Update: My brother Jos Langeveld and his wife, Shiranie Boellaard, from Habaraduwa, were found alive and rather well. We are very glad.

Mahendra, Thomas
I am looking for my roommate. We are students at U.C.I. Thomas Mahendra went home to Sri Lanka to be with his family for the holidays. Please help me find my friend.
Update: Thomas Mahendra from Sri Lanka has safely arrived back at U.C.I. campus. We, his roommates, thank you.

McMurray family
We are looking for any information about the McMurray family (David, Nancy, and two teenage daughters, Megan and Allison). Also, Tim Teiman, Judy Lockhart and Tom Skrzeszewski. They were all staying in Hikkaduwa.
Update: Last night we had calls from their families saying that they are all OK.

Manuelpillai, Barbara
My co-worker Barbara Manuelpillai and her family were vacationing in Sri Lanka. Barbara's husband is a native of Sri Lanka. We have not heard from them.
Update: Great news. We got word today that Barbara and her family are safe and well.

Mahadevan family
We are interested in any information on the location of the Mahadevan family. They are visiting family in Sri Lanka. Dr. Mahendran Mahadevan; his wife, Tammy Mahadevan; his son, Ragavan Mahadevan; his daughter, Menaka Mahadevan. Dr. Mahadevan is the lab director at UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas. His children are in medical school at UAMS also. Please contact us with any information on the family.
Update: Dr. Mahadevan and his family are home and safe in Little Rock, Arkansas. They made it home late Saturday night. Thank you for the prayers.

Marakandage Marie-Jo
And her husband Chaminda Marakandage living in Kurunduwatta, near Hikkaduwa.
Update: We are very happy to inform that our missing friends -- Marie-Jo and Chaminda Marakandage from Kurunduwatta, Hikkaduwa -- are safe.

Martin, Nerissa and family
I am trying to locate Nerissa Martin, her husband, David Pope, and their son Sammi. They reside in Colombo.
Update: Nerissa Martin and David Pope. I have heard that they were in Europe at the time of the tsunami, and they are fine. Thank you to everyone who responded (including Nerissa).

Nachshon, Barry
I am looking for information on the safety and whereabouts of my friend, Barry Nachshon, an American residing in Sri Lanka.
Update: I have spoken with his father and he is thankfully safe, still in Sri Lanka. Thank you for this wonderful service, CNN.

Nethisinghe, Anuja
I am very concerned and looking for information about my friend and fellow teacher, Anuja Nethisinghe, and her family. They were in Sri Lanka for the wedding of their daughter, Anushka. The groom's family is there from the U.S. also.
Update: Our boss heard from Anuja yesterday that she and the family are all fine. Thanks to all that responded to my message.

Nicholson, Champa and Andrew
Any information would be very appreciated.
Update on the Nicholsons: The couple is alive and well.

Peterson, Kirk
American, 47 years old. Traveling in Sri Lanka with a Sri Lankan friend Nalin. Kirk is over 6 feet, outgoing; traveling with Sri Lankan family.
Update: He has been found.

Rajakumar, Nirmala
Dear friend and colleague, Nirmala Rajakumar, M.D., ("Nimi") and her daughter. She works at a hospital in New Jersey, visiting Sri Lanka family December to January. May have been in Colombo. May be helping doctor survivors. No word from her. Anyone know if she is OK?
Update: Nirmala Rajakumar is alive and well.

Ranasinghe, Ananda and Nalini
Please, anyone with information of the whereabouts of the Ranasinghes respond to this message. The Ranasinghes, originally from Sri Lanka, and current residents of Houston, Texas, left to vacation in their own Sri Lanka during the Christmas holiday. Mrs Ranasinghe (Nalini) owns a school in Houston.
Update: Nalini and Ananda Ranasinghe are well. They had traveled to India from Sri Lanka the day previous to the tsunami.

Ratnayaka, Susantha and family
I am looking for Susantha Ratnayaka and his wife and children. They were holidaying in Sri Lanka and Susantha's workmates are keen to find out if he is ok. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Update: Susantha Ratnayaka and his family have been located and are safe and well.

Roth, William
I'm searching for my friend William "Bill" Roth, formerly of California, but has been living in Bangkok, Thailand, for the past six or seven years. I received an e-mail from him on December 23 that he was leaving for two weeks in Sri Lanka, but I don't know which city or area. Thanks for any information.
Update: I received an email from Bill Roth, and he is ok. He was up in the mountains in the center of Sri Lanka at the time of the tsunami and was not adversely affected. He is back at his home in Bangkok, Thailand.

Safford, Agnes
I am looking for information about Agnes Safford. Agnes is an American. I believe she arrived in Colombo on December 24 and 25, and then may have headed south.
Update: Contacted friends in Singapore, she is OK.

Salgado, Amila
He's a guide (birdwatcher). His hometown is Colombo, but he's always in the field, always on the move.
Update: We found Amila Salagado!

Samarakoon family
Seeking information regarding the following family members who live on Heenatigala Road in Galle, Sri Lanka. The family business, Sri Vijaiya Learners, is at 41-B Sea Street in Galle. Thusitha Chad Samarakoon, Premadesa Yatianaga Samarakoon, Somawathie Samarakoon.
Update: Thusitha, Premedasa, and Somawathie are alive and well in Galle Sri Lanka. Thank God. And special thanks to CNN for their efforts in reuniting loved ones.

Samaratunge, Kushanti
Looking for a dear friend, Kushanti Samaratunge, and her son and husband. They were visiting family in Sri Lanka and are from Lake Oswego, Oregon. Please contact with any information.
Update: Kushanti Samaratunge is home safe and sound.

Senaratne, Sandun
I was wondering if you have any news on my boyfriend Sandun Senaratne, who left St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, to go back to Sri Lanka to spend Christmas with his mother. He left here December 19, last time I heard from him was Christmas Day at 3:19 p.m.
Update: I just thought I'd let you know that Sandun has called home and he and his mother are doing fine. They were in a place in Sri Lanka that wasn't hit. I'm so happy they are safe, thank you all who sent me e-mails, it helped me a great deal to cope, my prayers are with you all.

Seranath, Amith
Desperately seeking Mr. Amith Senarath, Guest Relations Executive at Neptune Hotel, Beruwala, Sri Lanka. Has anyone news from Amith?
Update: Thanks to the help of Aitken Spence Hotel group, I could get into contact with Amith Seranath, Guest Relations Executive Neptune Hotel, Beruwala. Many thanks!

Sris, Ike
I am looking for a young man named Ike Sris. He is an American and I believe 18 years old. He is a friend from college.
Update: Ike Sris and the rest of his family were unharmed. Thank you for this service.

Sultan, Sam
Sam Sultan has contacted his family. All is safe.

Swanson, Steve
Looking for Steve Swanson. Staying in Sri Lanka for the season. Spends summers working and living in Lake Tahoe, California. Praying for him and all the others listed here.
Update: Very happy to report that our friend Steve Swanson is alive and well. He and friends had gone to the mountains for the day. Bless all who still are looking and thank you for this service.

Werner family
We are searching our friends Mr. Detlev Werner and his wife, Eva, from Berlin, Germany. They stayed until December 22 in Ranweli Holiday Village near Negombe, Sri Lanka, and started then a trip, maybe to Kandy or Yale National Park. Thank you for your message!
Update: We just get the message, that Mr. Detlev Werner and his wife, Eva Werner, are alive! They will come back to Germany in a few days. Thank you very much for your support!

Xavier family
Looking for the Xavier family: James A. and Reni M. Xavier and two children, Andrew Thomas and Lauren Victoria Xavier. James' parents were supposed to be with them.
Update: FOUND -- The Xavier family -- Joachim, Mary, and Chris are all safe and sound. Thank you to CNN for all of the work you have been doing during this disaster. You are a lifeline. Thank you also to everyone who replied with practical information and their prayers -- ours have been answered. Our prayers will remain with the entire south Asian community.


Bautista, Christopher
I'm looking for my cousin, Christopher P. Bautista, a Filipino working as a social worker in Masassi, Tanzania. He hasn't written if he's safe. Thank you.
Christopher Bautista called from Masassi, Tanzania, to inform us he is well. Thank you very much.

Cranfield, Gordon, Elaine and Rebecca
I'm looking for my parents and sister. Gordon, Elaine and Rebecca Cranfield. My father works in Tanzania. Last I heard they were going to show my sister around and go on safari. Haven't been able to contact them. Any information on their safety would be greatly appreciated.
Update: Gordon, Elaine and Rebecca Cranfield have been in touch. Everyone is safe and sound, thank you for all your help.

Moats, Dara
Has anyone heard from or seen Dara Moats, a Canadian on holiday in Tanzania and Zanzibar for Christmas?
Update: Dara is safe and well. I heard from her yesterday. For anyone looking for loved ones who may have been on Zanzibar Island. I understand from Dara that they did not see, hear or feel a thing. She and her travel group were on the northwest region of the island.

Morgan, Lawrence
Would like to receive news of my father, Lawrence Morgan, ... in Dar es Salaam. Not been able to get any e-mail reply since Sunday.
Update: Lawrence Morgan and family are OK. Just received news that the children, 5 and 6, were at Jangwani on Christmas with their nanny, less than 24 hours before the tsunami hit the same beach and killed five teens. Their home, located 100 miles from the shore, sustained very little damage. Thank you very much for this wonderful service.


Allen, Robert and Ruth
Robert Allen and Ruth Allen along with Marlene Bui all of San Diego, California, were vacationing near Thailand. We have not heard from them and are very worried. Has anyone seen them or know of what has happened to them.
Update: My husband, Robert Edward Lee Allen (Ed) and myself, Ruth Ann Allen were reported as missing by Kenneth Ledgerwood. We were in Pattaya, Thailand when the tsunami happened. The only medical problem I experienced was a detached retina and two macular holes. We have no explanation as to their cause. We returned to the U.S. on Jan. 4. We're safe and I had the surgery to repair the damage last night! Thanks for the concern!

Biebricher, Jasmin
Her name is Jasmin Biebricher, and she was working for a German tourism company. She is my friend of 12+ years. She was transferred to Khao Lak a few weeks ago. I do not know which hotel she was working for in Thailand.
Update: My German friend, Jasmin Biebricher, has been located and is safe.

Bradstreet, Rosemary and John
Looking for Rosemary and John Bradstreet, British nationals, on holiday in Phuket. Please e-mail with any information.
Update: Thank you to all who helped. Rosemary & John Bradstreet along with Jean, Joy, Jerry & Matthew Hodges are safe having flown back to the UK [on] December 29. They were on the third floor in Phuket and are shaken, but OK. Many thanks.

Boon, Susan and Dr.
I am looking for information on Dr. and Susan Boon who had gone on holiday to Thailand.
Update: I have received information that both Dr. and Mrs. Susan Boon are well. Thank you for all those who sent so many messages to me in reply to my initial e-mail.

Bennett, Robert James
Looking for my dad, Robert James Bennett, a resident of Thailand, formerly of Canada. Last heard from him as he wished my daughter a happy birthday on Dec. 14 via e-mail. May have been in Phuket or Patong area. In his early 60s, 5'9", with a Thai woman named Mol (pronounced Mahn). Any info would be appreciated.
Update: My dad is OK as he was in northern Thailand during the disaster, thank God. Praying for those of you still searching.

Benusilho, Isabela and Maurice
Seeking information about the safety of family friends Maurice and Isabela Benusilho of Paris, France, who were visiting their son David Benusilho and his Thai wife and 2 daughters over the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your help!
Update: Great news: we have heard from the Benusilhos and they are all safe. Maurice and Isabela were on a fishing boat off Phuket at the time of the tsunami and were completely unharmed -- a last minute change of plans from snorkeling to fishing likely saved their lives. They are now back in Paris. David Benusilho and family were in the mountains when the tsunami hit and are also all fine. Thank you all for your good wishes.

Bursey, Ken
My teacher Ken Bursey went to Thailand and Cambodia to visit orphanages and mine victims. We have not heard from him since he left on Dec. 18th. He may have taken the kids to the beach on Christmas Day. Please let us know if anyone has seen him. Thank you.
Update: I wanted to tell you thank you for helping me look for my teacher Ken Bursey. We finally heard from him and he is safe. I was so scared and I feel so sad for the people that have not heard from their missing people yet.

Chako, Stacey; Brady family
I am looking for my best friend, Stacey Chako, and her family, Mike, Halle, Matt & Quiton Brady. Last I heard from her, she was heading from either Thailand or Indonesia to meet her family in Sri Lanka for the holidays. I can't get in touch with any of her family members here in the United States -- Jimmy Brady, George Brady or her uncle, Kody, who lives in San Jose, California. Stacey, we miss and love you and hope you are OK.
Update: My best friend, Stacey Chako, and Brady family are in Kandy, Sri lanka, and are OK. I am so grateful to CNN for this service.

Charumilind, Tanya
Tanya Charumilind, my girlfriend, flew to Thailand on December 22. She had plans to visit Phuket, but I don't know when. Her DOB is 11/07/83. She is an American, but her parents are Thai. She is traveling with her parents and brother, Pana, Tina and brother Sarun.
Update: Tanya Charumilind has been located, she and her entire family were in Bangkok at the time of the disaster.

Chiron, Julie and Gordon, Craig
Seeking information regarding colleague. She and her husband arrived in Thailand on December 22. She has a small, circular "serpent" tattoo on her inner arm. Her co-workers are waiting news. Thanks.
Update: Julie Chiron and Craig Gordon were in northern Thailand when the disaster struck. They're both safe and unharmed.

Clark, Robert and Nancy
Looking for Robert and Nancy Clark, thier grandchildren Charlie and Kelsie Clark of Tucson, Arizona. Last known to be in Thailand for the Christmas holidays. Any information would be appreciated, please e-mail me.
Update: I am pleased to say that we received a call from them that they are safe and back in the U.S. Thanks to all for their concern and may God Bless all and their families.

Clay, Ron and Dove, Dave
David Dove and Ron Clay. They were in Thailand visiting David's brother and sister-in-law.
Update: Ron Clay and David Dove have returned home to Vancouver, Canada safely.

Cluer, Brian and Gay
Brian and Gay Cluer from Whistler in Canada were holidaying in Phuket.
Update: Our friends, Gay and Brian Cluer, have returned, unharmed, from Phuket to their home in Canada and have made contact. Thanks to all who sent e-mails offering advice.

Croft, Adrian
I am looking for my brother Adrian Croft and his French girlfriend Sylvie who is a doctor. They were on holiday in Phuket from the 22nd of Dec. Has anyone heard of their whereabouts?
Update: My Brother Adrian Croft and his girlfriend Sylvie are safe and well.

Dapueto, Sarah
She is a Canadian who teaches school in Kuwait. She is 31-32 years old, red hair, fair skin, tall.
Update: I just wanted to update everyone on my missing friend Sarah Dapueto. Thank God, she was in a very minorly hit area and was able to return home to Kuwait safely and unharmed. Thanks for all of the responses I recieved from posting about her. Thanks so much for your concern. I will continue to pray for the remaining injured and missing.

Davis family
Looking for Justin and Rebecca Davis and their two sons, Sam and Alex. Update: I have been successful in contacting them they are all well.

Dawes, James
Searching for my friend James Dawes (American) living in Krabi, Thailand.
Update: James Dawes, Krabi ,Thailand, is fine and well!

De Lange, Deon
Deon de Lange, from Johannesburg Meldene. Please if found send information to us.
Update: Thanks everyone. I received a message the following day after I placed information regarding Deon de Lange on the site. Deon is well and alive!!!

Denis, Courtois
Looking for information about my 37-year-old nephew, Courtois Denis, his wife, Echo, and 2-year-old daughter, Elisabeth. Their location in Phuket is still unknown.
Update: I have got a lot of calls about my nephew and family in Phuket. Thanks to everybody. Good news: They are well and alive.

Dolan, Paula; Richard Diamond
Paula Dolan and Richard Diamond are American citizens who both teach in Doha, Qatar. They were vacationing in Phuket, Thailand. No one has heard from them. If anyone knows of them, please let us know if they are OK. Any news would be greatly appreciated.
Update: Received information that they are safe. Thank you for your assistance.

Doner, Denise
Our friend Denise Doner was vacationing in Thailand with her German boyfriend. We have not heard from her since the tsunami. Please help us find her. Update: Heard from her on Monday. She and Ali are OK. They got the quake but not the wave. They are on the east coast heading north, I believe to Germany. She is OK.

Dunn, Gregory
I'm looking for my friend Gregory Jordan Dunn, 21, from Colorado, who went to Thailand on December 25.
Update: A week after the tsunami, I have had an e-mail from Gregory. He's in Bangkok and is safe and well.

Durr, Alan
Last known to be in Thailand on December 26 with Dean and Amanda Spielman.
Update: I was listed as missing while traveling in Thailand with Amanda and Dean Spielman. We are all safe and have returned home.

Edwards family
Edwards, John (64) and Ling (40); son Paul (14), daughter (9). Friends from Cashiers, North Carolina were visiting relatives and friends in Thailand for the holiday. Please advise their whereabouts if known.
Update: After touring beaches in Phuket and Lanta Island the week before Christmas all found to be well visiting relatives in Chiengmai for Christmas.

Ellis, Heinrich and Gina
My friends Heinrich and Gina (Nel) Ellis went on honeymoon in Phuket. They are age 25 and 27 and from South Africa. If anybody has any information, please please please call or e-mail.
Update: The response I received from people willing to help was overwhelming. Thank you very much for the kind words and offers to help. Great news: The couple made contact on Monday and are coming back today.

Everett, Richard
I am trying to trace Richard Everett, an Australian citizen, who was in Phuket on December 26. Approximate age 55.
Update: Sincere thanks to those who replied to my request for information regarding Richard Everett. I've just had an e-mail from him saying he's OK and is returning to Australia. He was caught in the tsunami but survived with a few cuts and bruises only. He spent two days at Patong Hospital, where he received excellent care and medical attention.

Fodden, Mark
I am looking for Mark Fodden from Portland, Dorset, England. I believe to be on holiday somewhere in Thailand. Please e-mail with any information.
Update: Has arrived home safe and well, thank-you all for looking, and I hope you all find your loved ones very soon, my thoughts are with you.

Fotiadis, Pete, Joanne, Steve and John
From Clearwater, Florida. I registered them as missing on the Thai Red Cross database, and I received a message that said, we regret to inform you that the following person is either injured or deceased. then it listed names of people to contact. the people listed as contacts were Joanne Jung, Peter Gibbson and Joann Fitzpatrick, who were all on the injured list. If anyone has any information we would really appreciate it. BOOLIEANN@AOL.COM
The Fodiadis family, Joan, Pete, Steve and John are all fine. They phoned on 1/6/04 to let us know that they were in Bangkok, but were not injured.

Foster, Alfred
I am trying to locate my uncle Alfred Foster, South African citizen who was working as a diving instructor in Thailand.
Update: I have located my uncle; he is well. Thank you to everyone for the e-mails and prayers. Thank you, CNN.

Fox, Mark, Sheila & Christopher
A British family who were on a diving holiday on Kho Phi Phi Island in Thailand.
Update: Please remove the message you posted for me looking for news of Mark and Sheila Fox who were diving at Kho Phi Phi, Thailand. I have heard that they are OK. They were on a diving boat at the time and the wave passed under the boat. Thank you for all your efforts to get news to worried friends and relatives.

Fraser, Derek Graham
I am looking for any information about Derek Graham Fraser. He has been in Thailand since Oct 04 and is expected to return to Canada mid Jan 05. He is approximately 5'11", slim build, Tattoo's, and he has a girlfriend named Boon and a daughter that was born to Boon March 04. His daughter in Canada is extremely worried about him and would like to know if he is safe. Thank you.
Update: Derek Graham Fraser has been found. He is alive and well. Thank you for your help and support.

Fritsch, Peter and Gaye
I am looking for news of Gaye and Peter Fritsch in Thailand.
Update: Gaye and Peter Fritsch are found alive.

Ganders, Fred and Kennedy, Helen
Haven't heard from two friends holidaying in Phuket: Fred Ganders and Helen Kennedy.
Update: Both are safe and home.

Gill, Steven
I wrote an e-mail yesterday looking for my brother Steven Gill and I was so blessed to be answered by a girl named Stephanie who saw his name on a injured list at Phuket Hospital. We are now trying to reach this hospital with no luck. If anyone has any other phone numbers for this hospital or knows of another way to contact the hospital, or a Government site We could get information about his condition in Thailand please let us know. If anyone from that hospital reads this e-mail my brother's name is Steven Gill.
Update: We have had contact from our brother Steven Gill an American from California yesterday. He will be back with us shortly and is OK. Thank you, CNN, for helping spread the news of our missing loved one and for all of those hundreds of people who responded to help our family through this very difficult week. We are praying for all of those who still have not had contact from their loved ones and we will continue that prayer till you find them.

Glicakis, Archie
Looking for Archie Glicakis. He has short gray hair, a mermaid tattoo on his right upper-arm, links tattoo on his left upper-arm and a tattoo on his left shoulder blade. He is very friendly and enjoys talking. If you think you know this person or have seen him please e-mail me.
Update: I have contacted the family and he is safe. Thank you CNN.

Grau, Gunther
He was to be visiting Phuket. His nationality is German, but has been working in the United States.
Update: We have received a phone call from Gunther and he is ok. It turns out he was in Jakata. Our thoughts and prayers to everyone who is still missing loved ones.

Hagemann, Fred
We are desperate to know the whereabouts of our friend Prof. Fred Hagemann from Johannesburg, South Africa, who went to Kenya and Thailand in early December. We haven't heard anything from him since the disaster.
Update: Good news!! We have located Prof. Fred Hagemann, who is alive in Thailand. Please remove him from the missing list on your Web site. Many thanks for this facility and I hope others have good news too.

Harper, Dale
I am looking for my cousin Dale Harper. He is a white male, 58 years old, heavy set, brush cut black and gray hair and a moustache. The last we have heard from him he was in Kho Phi Phi, December 15, and he was staying there for a couple of weeks. He was supposed to be meeting up with friends in Australia but they have not heard from him either.
Update: Dale Harper is safe and sound in South Africa ... good luck to those that are still searching.

Harris family
We are looking for any information on our neighbors who were vacationing in Thailand, they are a family of four from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and their last name is Harris. Please contact me on any information. Thank you so much.
Update: My neighbours, the Harris', have been in touch with their family and as far as I'm been told, are all doing fine. Thank you so much for all the support and responses, we appreaciate it so much.

Hatton, Laura
I'm trying to find a friend of mine, Laura Hatton. She was last known to be in Thailand, but I'm not sure where. She was with her mother and brother. I'm supposed to be in a dorm with her when the school term starts, and I want to find out if she's OK. She is 16, about 5'3'', with medium-length brown hair with blond highlights, and is traveling on an Irish passport. If anyone has seen or knows her, can you please contact: Update: She had not taken a trip to Phuket as previously thought. Many thanks to those who sent Web sites etc. to help.

Hayward, Mark
I'm looking for Mark Hayward. He lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. He was vacationing in Thailand for Christmas.
Update: Mark Hayward is now home safe and sound.

Horan, Steven
We last heard from him Saturday evening around 7 or 8 p.m. Eastern. We have not heard from him since. He said he was planning on visiting the Floating Market, but we weren't sure what city he was calling from.
Update: Steven is safe. He e-mailed us New Year's Day. Thanks everyone for your help.

Hubbard, John W.
I am sending this e-mail for a desperate mother who has not heard from her son, John W. Hubbard, and his new wife, (Ning) Darcini Chuenchai, since Christmas Day from Bangkok. Darcini (Ning's) family, Raven and Kuan Chuenchai in Udon Thani, were not heard from either. John and Darcini just got married in Thailand and were planning on returning to the U.S.
I am safe and can be removed from this list. All the best, John.

Humphrey, Albert and Angie
We are looking for our brother and sister-in-law, Albert and Angelika (Angie) Humphrey. Both lived in Munich, Germany. They went to Thailand for vacation around December 19. We assume that they vacationed in the Phuket area. We believe they stayed at a Hilton hotel or resort. We have not been able to contact anyone.
Update: We have located the above couple. Thank you.

Jauregui, Brian
We are looking for Brian Jauregui. He went on a months vacation to Thailand. We do not know what areas he was visiting in Thailand. We think he might have gone to Phuket. He is a white male approximately 25 years old. He lives in Northridge, CA. If anyone has information please contact us. Thank you.
Update: We have news that Brian Jauregui is safe and fine. Thank you CNN for posting.

Jelassi, Slim and Tschirner, Kathrin
Any information on our German friends Slim Jelassi and Kathrin Tschirner. They are in their mid to late 20s. They were vacationing in Thailand.
Update: We are very very happy to inform you that we have made contact with our friends Slim and Kathrin of Germany. Thanks, CNN; keep up the good work.

Jennings, Peter
Peter Jennings (born on 12/17/41) on a sailboat, traveling with Frank Morgan, Dan & Rae Emmett, off the coast of Phuket on Christmas.
Update: Peter Jennings, my brother, has just notified me that he has arrived in Honolulu and is alive and well. Thank you, CNN, for offering your assistance.

Johnson, Bruce
I'm looking for a friend his name is Bruce K Johnson lives in Seattle. Went to Thailand with girlfriend from Cambodia for Christmas. Any information will be passed on to relatives who are very worried as I am as well. Please any information will be appreciated. My prayers are with you all who've been affected by this.
Update: A wonderful update I just received an e-mail from my missing friend. Their both just fine, thank God. My heart and prayers are with all of you still looking for loved ones. Thank you all for your help!

Kauffman, Bernard
We're looking for Bernard Kauffman, in his late 60s from Prince Rupert, B.C., Canada. Any information please e-mail.
Update: Bernard Kauffman of Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada, has been found safe. Thank you to all that helped us find him.

Kaminski family
We are seeking information about our friends Marek, Grace and Maria Kaminski. They were holidaying in Thailand over Christmas.
They are home and safe.

Kempner, Tom and Joy
Tom and Joy Kempner on vacation in Phuket from Tucson, Arizona.
Update: Tom and Joy Kempner are home safe. Their travels kept them in the Philippines, and [they] did not go to Phuket. Thank you for maintaining this helpful Web site.

Kenyon, Dave
Searching for Dave Kenyon, of Perth Australia. He is British with an Australian passport, last seen in Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand on Dec 26th. He is White male, 37 years, old, 5"11, brownish/blond hair, blue eyes, hairy chest, large gold chain. His first hotel was completely destroyed, but I found out that he only stayed in that one on Dec 24. He was staying at Phuket Orchid Hotel on Dec 26th.
Thank you for everyone's concern. My friend Dave was found and made it home to Australia this morning. He is in severe shock with lots of cuts and gashes but he is alive. Thank you.

Kozimor, Ted
I am looking for my brother Ted Kozimor. He is 6'2", brown hair, blue eyes, 56 years old. He is traveling alone in Thailand or may have gone elsewhere in Asia. Please I am very worried.
Update: The State Department called with great news, my brother, Ted Kozimor, sent an e-mail to a friend and he is OK. We are all very thankful.

Krawczyk, John and Bobby
Looking for identical twin brothers John (Junior) and Robert (Bobby) Krawczyk, staying in Phuket, I believe. They are in their early 60s, though both look much younger and are in good physical condition.
Update: Krawczyk brothers, John and Robert are alive and well, far removed from tsunami disaster.

Laligne, Cam and Clem
Cam et Clem, nous attendons de vos nouvelles. Contactez nous. Papa et Maman.
Update: Found safe and well. They had moved from Malaysia to Thailand just after the tsunami. This news took one week to get.. so maybe others are still safe and just have not been in contact yet. Don't give up hope yet.

Lorente, David Edward
I'm searching for my son, David Edward Lorente. He was to be married to Warathip Sompong of Lamlukka near Bangkok. He sent an e-mail photo on December 24 stating that her company had given them a holiday. My fear is that he went down to the islands. He hasn't called us. If anyone has information please let me know.
Update: David is in Bangkok assisting the relief effort. The couple are expected to return to California.

Luffman, Bradley Kent
He is 40 years old, American citizen from Kansas City. He has long blond hair and blue eyes. He was staying on a boat with friends in Phuket, Thailand. Bradley sent me his last e-mail from Phuket on December 21. I haven't heard from him since.
Update: Bradley Kent Luffman has been reported safe. He contacted his family to confirm he is OK.

Lynch, Michael
My name is Ashanti Johnson and my family is missing a loved one named Michael Lynch. Our family's last contact with him was December 16. He was said to have visited Phuket, Thailand. He is about 6 feet tall, white male.
Update: I posted an appeal to find my brother, Michael Lynch. We have heard from a friend that he is safe in Bangkok, Thailand. My prayers are with the families that are still searching for their loved ones. God bless You. Thank you, CNN.

Lynch, Stan
I am looking for any information in regards to my friend Stan Lynch in Thailand. He is an American. Any information would be most appreciated.
Update: My friend Stan Lynch has been located alive and well.

McCoy, David
We are seeking information on my husband's brother, David McCoy, last known to be living in the Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai area of Thailand. He is a retired 55-year-old American. He is about six feet tall with grey hair and can speak the language fluently. Thanks for any information.
Update: My husband's family has been contacted by his brother in Thailand and he is in a safe place. Thank you for all of your support.

McGuiness family
My two cousins Kayte and Angela McGuiness and their grown-up children, Michelle, Kate, Jamie and Sarah, their husbands and Jamie's fiance flew to Thailand for Jamie's wedding. They must have arrived Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
Update: This is in reference to Angela McGuiness and her family in Thailand. They are all alive and well.

McLean family
Seeking information on my brother, Bryan, wife, Betty, daughter, Isabella, son, Callum McLean. Vacation for holidays in Thailand with Hahn family. Have not had contact since departure from U.S. December 17.
Update: The McLean family was found. They are all safe and sound. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns.

Maroo, Sonalle
Received an email on the 21st Dec. from Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo that she'd "go down south" from Bangkok to be on the beach. I think she went to Karabi. Sunny is British and of Indian origin. I have emailed her since, but no response. Please contact me.
Update: I have now heard from Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo and she is well and alive. She was on the east side of Thailand and is unaffected to the extent where she didn't know how big the catastrophe has been. The news travels slower down there.

Marshall, Bob
Family looking for Bob Marshall. Age 47. Birthday Dec 24/1957. Height 6 foot. Weight 250 lbs. Multiple tattoos including a picture of an Asian peasant sitting down, drawn in only black ink, tattooed on the back of his calf. Last known to be in the Phuket area. He is a scuba dive instructor. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Update: Found alive (he was under water scuba diving). Thank you so much for your wonderful caring service.

Nordlund, Patrick
I am searching for information on my Swedish friend, Patrick Nordlund, who was traveling in Thailand.
Update: My friend Patrick Nordlund is safe.

Ogg, Natsuko and Scott
I am trying to contact my best friend, Natsuko Ogg (Japanese) and her husband Scott Ogg (American). They are living in Phuket in Thailand and Natsuko works at a resort there.The last postcard I received had this address: Marriot Phuket Beach Club, 230 Moo 3, Mai Khao, Talang, 83110 Thailand.
Update: I recently sent an appeal looking for my best friend after the tsunami disaster. I just received an e-mail from her today and I'm happy to report that she and husband, Scott, are alive and well staying with relatives in Japan. Thanks so much CNN for your help.

Patterson, Larry
Late 40s, 5''7", Caucasian with light brown/reddish hair and goatee. Last known whereabouts: Phuket, checking on a beach house under construction.
Update: Larry Patterson is safely back in the U.S.

Piwtong, Nancy
Visiting Thailand for the holidays with her son and family.
Nancy Piwtong has been found safe. Thank you for your help.

Primo, Liliana
I´m looking for Liliana Primo, 43, and her daughter Valentina Tatiana Terraciano, 15. They are Italian citizens who were in holiday in Thailand.
Update: The two people I was looking for were found. Liliana Primo and Valentina Tatiana Terraciano are OK. I want to thank all the people who e-mailed me giving information.

Proulx, Howard
I am looking for my best friend Howard Proulx. He left Vancouver Dec 24th and flew to Bangkok, and I believe he was in Phuket. He may also just might have been in Bangkok with his fiancee, Tom. She is a singer in a nightclub in Bangkok. Thank you. Update: Howard Proulx has been found and is in Bangkok. Thank you.

Ribas, Deborah and Pablo
I'm looking for a couple of friends that arrived in Bangkok on Saturday and I have no news from them since the tsunami. Their names are Deborah Maximo Ribas and Pablo Fernando Moura Ribas. They are Brazilian and about 25 years old.
Update: I would like to thank everyone for the messages, friendship and prayers. I received an e-mail from my friends, they are in Bangkok and everything is OK.

Rita, Brian and Jung-in, Wantana
Need help locating Brian Rita from Hawaii, on honeymoon to bride from Bangkok. Her name is Wantana Jung-in.
Update: We are writing back to say that our brother Brian has called and he is safe and well in Bangkok.

Rits, Eric
I am not a "worrying" type of person, certainly not concerning my brother -- Eric Rits, born 28-10-1960, 1.78 m, blue eyes, well-trained body (he's a para in the Belgian Army). ... He flew KLM Amsterdam to Thailand November 23 (I believe) and is due to come back December 30) or the day after. He travels with a friend of his (Kurt -- more or less the same age) and I believe they should be around Phuket.
Update: I wish you all (despite what is happening) a happy and hopeful New Year! My brother -- Eric Rits -- is home and OK! Thanks a lot for all the efforts!

Robertson, James (Jim)
I am looking for my father last contact with him was on 12/12/04. I have been trying to call him with no luck. His name is James (Jim) Robertson. He is thin built. With a scar across his stomach from an operation. If anyone has seen him please contact worried family.
Update: My father has made contact and is ok.

Robertson, Ryan
Ryan Robertson is my friend. He is missing. He is from Vancouver, he's 5'6" and is 33 years old. He has blond hair and is about 165 pounds. Please let me know if you have seen him.
Update: Ryan Robertson from Vancouver is fine and is coming home! Thank you.

Rutgers, Evelien
I am searching for my good friend, Evelien Rutgers. Evelien is from The Netherlands. She was supposed to be on vacation in Thailand, with a friend, when the Tsunami hit. I have not heard from her, but have tried to contact her.
Update: I have located my friend Evelien Rutgers. She was on the other side of Thailand when the tragedy hit. I hope everyone many of you are lucky enough to locate your loved ones!

Saligumba, Rene
I'm looking for my nephew. His name is Mr. Rene Saligumba, 31, Canadian citizen from Mississauga, Ontario, who went to Bangkok, Thailand, this December for a vacation. Since the disaster took place, we haven't heard anything from him. He never called and he [was] expected to return to Ontario [on] December 27 but ... is not here. We are very worried as to his whereabouts. If anybody knows him, please contact us.
Update: I want to inform everyone that Rene Saligumba arrived safely here in Toronto, Canada. So I would like to thank all of the concerned persons who are too caring, that he is back safely ... again, thank you.

Schaefer family
Kurt, Monica, Micheal, Nicole, Loran Schaefer.
Update: The Schaefer family (Kurt, Monica, Michael,Nicole, Lauren) are safe and sound.

Schmitt, Nicole
My friend, Nicole Schmitt, suppose to fly into Thailand around December 25th from Arizona. She had plan to visit Phuket. I need to know she is ok, please contact me if anyone knows of her status.
Update: This is an update about my friend Nicole Schmitt from Arizona. Her sister kindly contacted me that Nicole is safe. Thank you.

Schulein, Jim
We are desperatly searching for our brother, Jim Schulein, 28, 1.80 m, brown eyes and hair, from the Netherlands. He was staying at the Hotel Patong Villa at Phuket and we have not heard from him since the tsunami. Please contact us if you have any information about him!!
Update: Jim Schulein from the Netherlands is home again. He is fine. We thank you all very much for your help!

Sinclair, Stuart and Yuwathida
Our friends Stuart and Yuwathida Sinclair are in Thailand with Yuwathida's family. They are Canadian, but Yuwathida is originally from Thailand. We have no way of contacting any of their family and would like information on their survival.
Update: Stu was able to call his daughter in British Columbia New Year's Eve. They are in northern Thailand and were not affected. Our extreme sympathy to all who lost or have missing family.

Spiller, Don
My dad, Don Spiller, lives in Thailand and no one has heard from him since the tsunami. I am hoping someone can give me some information about him.
Update: My father, Don Spiller, contacted me and is safe. He was in Malaysia visiting at the time.

Stagg family
We are looking for a family vacationing in Phuket: Michael Stagg, Beth Kramer, Caitlin Stagg, Hanna Stagg.
Update: We were in Phuket, Thailand, and still are right now; however, we're fine. We were on the beach when the tsunami hit, and we knew to run when we saw the sea was higher than us. We ran for our lives. It was very very close. If the water had risen a little faster or we had started running two seconds later, we would surely have been washed away and never seen again. It is dreadful. The damage, death, and devastation is far beyond belief.

Steeples, Eddie
I'm looking for Eddie Steeples, an American actor who was last seen in Thailand. He's the rubberband man from the Office Max Commercials if that helps any, black male, about 5'9 120lb.
Update: Eddie's family has spoken directly with him and he is alive and well.

Sullivan, Judy
My neighbor's sister is Judy Sullivan, who was vacationing with her husband and two children in Tanzania. On Christmas Day, they headed for an island off the coast of Tanzania to escape the heat. Because this is a remote island, any info is appreciated. Thank you, and God bless you. Betsy Balega, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Update: This is a thank you. Good news. My friend's sister and family were in Tanzania, and went out to sea to escape the heat. Things were not looking positive, but I never give up hope. I lit a seven-day candle to St. Theresa, the Little Flower, and many prayers and CNN shows later, I just found out that they are safe and sound, having been out to sea, outside the area where the tsunami hit. Thank God for miracles, large and small. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work.

Taylor, Claire
I'm looking for Claire Taylor last known to be visitng the islands in Thailand on Boxing Day. I'm very worried and have heard she may be in hospital.
Update: I have now heard from Claire Taylor, Plymouth, UK. She and her friend are safe and well on the other coast.

Thomas, Charles
Charles Thomas lives onboard his yacht MV Rover, usually around Langawe.
Update: Charles Thomas has been found safe and well in the Royal Langawe Yacht Club marina in Thailand.

Treuthardt, John
Looking for John Treuthardt. He is my ex-husband. He was living in Phuket Thailand. He is 5'7" tall, about 160 pounds, born 5/2/53, age 52, bald, wears glasses to read, has hazel eyes and has a tatoo on one of his sholders.
John Treuthardt is ok. He emailed yesterday. Thank you for all you do!

Trinh, Peter Loan
Co-worker Peter Loan Trinh went home to Thailand for Christmas holiday. No idea where. We've not heard if this young man is ok. I would say mid-20s, slender, average height, an endearing shy, lopsided grin that I sure hope to see again! Any clue is greatly appreciated!
Update: According to the travel agent who organized the tour, there are no people missing. Peter Toan (Loan) Trinh is presumed to be safe. Thanks to CNN for this service & to those who graciously sent e-mails with suggestions! Prayers continue for others ... Aloha.

Underwood, Jonathan
Jonathan Underwood, Canadian, on holiday with friends in Bangkok, Thailand. Was with friends from England. Intention was to scuba dive. He and his friends might be helping they are service men based in Scotland.
Update: Jonathan Underwood, Canadian, called home yesterday morning, December 30, and spoke to his family in Toronto, Ontario. He is fine and well. Many thanks to CNN for your unprecedented resources.

Vincent, Rod
Searching for my father; he has been vacationing in Thailand.
Update: My father-in-law was in Cambodia, he has contacted the family, and is OK. Thanks so much for everyone's help.

Wan Ahmed, Wan Rusli
I am looking for a friend called "Weli" (full name Wan Rusli Wan Ahmed) who worked at the Aquanauts Dive Shop in Phi Phi Don. He is Malaysian, about 5"8, with shoulder length curly black hair in a pony tail, and several piercings in each ear. I would really like to hear from anyone who may know what has happened to him.
Update: Wan Rusli Wan Ahmed ... is safe and has returned to Malaysia. My thanks for helping me to locate him.

Weber family
My friend Greg Weber and his wife, two grown daughters went to Thailand for Christmas vacation. I have not heard from him. I would like to make sure he is OK. If you have him on a list, let me know. Thank you!
Update: Greg has returned home safely.

Weldon, Brett and Nit
Looking for our dear friend Brett (from Montreal), and Nit (who is Thai). Left for Phuket, Thailand (probably Patong) in October and we haven't heard from them since the Tsunami. He has blonde, curly hair and vivid blue eyes, 5'8", 140-150 lbs. She is brunette, long straight hair, petite 110-115 lbs. Any news would be appreciated.
Update: They are alright. He called home and they're okay.

Huggins, Tara; Erin Wilson
Tara Huggins and Erin Wilson traveled to Thailand December 8 for a monthlong holiday. They reside in Victoria, British Columbia. Any information appreciated.
Update: I am not connected to the people below, but I have seen the two people (Tara Huggins and Erin Wilson) on the Web site for hospital list in Thailand. You can see them both on the Web site for the Thammasat Rangsit hospital in Phuket listed as SAVED (! Thought I would pass this along to help you guys with all the concerns.

Wong, Albert Wing Cheong
I am looking for my brother Albert Wing Cheong Wong (age 56 with gray hair) and his wife, Angela Wong, and daughter, Esther. They were vacationing for Christmas in Thailand. They left for Thailand from Hong Kong. They are American Chinese.
Update: The Wong family did not go to Phuket; they went to Pattaya/Bangkok. They returned to Hong Kong yesterday, sound and safe. Please remove the posting and thank you so much, CNN, for the help. Don't give up in searching your loved ones; love, hope and faith, the most important is love. My heart goes with all the victims and their families.

Worthington, Jack
Looking for Jack Worthington, last known to be traveling in Sri Lanka over the holidays.
Update: My friend Jack Worthington is home safe and sound. Thank you for creating this formum to allow people to locate their friends and loved ones.

Woodhouse, Marilyn
She's 48 years old and a British national, vacationing in Phuket, Thailand, since December 19. She's blond, 5'8", 125 pounds.
Update: I am relieved to report that she has been in contact with her family and you may remove my posting from your webpage. Thank you for all your help.

Wymore, Fred
I am looking for my friend Fred Wymore. He moved to Thailand in September to start a production company. I would like to know if he is OK. I have not been able to contact him by his old e-mail address. Thank you.
FUpdate: I have received an e-mail from Fred Wymore. His nephew saw my request for information on him. He is safe and sound. Thank you for your Web site and help.

Xavier family
Looking for the Xavier family: James A. and Reni M. Xavier and two children, Andrew Thomas and Lauren Victoria Xavier. James' parents were supposed to be with them.
Update: James Xavier and family are all OK. Thank you all for your help in locating them. And a big thank you to CNN!!!

Young, Rodney
Last received e-mail from husband on Sunday stating he was sitting on the floor of the Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, and felt the hotel swaying. I have not communicated with him since the e-mail. His name is Rodney Young and he is in Bangkok for R&R away from his job in Baghdad. Rodney was supposed to check out of the Ambassador Hotel and relocate but did not tell me where. If anyone knows anything about his whereabouts please notify me.
Update: Rodney Young and his wife have been in contact.

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