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(CNN) -- Are you passionate about technology?

To learn more about high-tech developments in business, and the implication these have on individuals, click on the stories below to see what has featured on the CNN Spark television show and on the Web.

Poll: Google the Goliath of the Web
Future bright for online search
Religious following for cyber sermons
The future of online search
Ioning your way to cleaner clothes
Fighting for free speech on the Net
Disappearing text messages unveiled
15 years of the World Wide Web
Creative bites into the video Apple
Keeping track of Etna's pulse
Debate on Internet ownership continues
Scientists create virtual hugs

WATCH VIDEO: Saving Venice
High-tech buoys to warn of disaster
Go surfing with Web-enabled guitar
Discreet device to help diabetics
Banda Aceh photo gallery
Tech sheds light on businesses
TV series for the very small screen
Browser choice benefits Web users
China gears up for e-commerce boom

Home of future happening now
Wind of change for China's energy
Images from a country in transition
Eco-architect lays down green roots
China's dotcom guru Jack Ma speaks to Spark
Web site finds new homes for old junk
Security device watches your step
Kristie's China blog
Robotic fish make aquarium debut
Finding your way with your iPod

Beer mat knows when it is refill time
Talking trash cans keep Berlin clean
Shell works at winning formula
Schumacher: 'We keep getting faster'
Phones will soon be able to smell
Big names go green at motor show
London offices work on water
Olufsen, Samsung create cell phone
Clever clothes pegs check the weather
Tiny console takes on the big guns
Tech helps brands corner the market
New technologies rattle radio world
Dancing in silence all the rave

Mobile TV sets broadcasting trend
The rise of the citizen journalist
Tech allows citizens to drive the news
New media works alongside old
Making ads in a 'radically different' way
Adobe bids to defend digital dominance
Tech to help uncover new species
Bluetooth device to save stroke victims
Robot workout for stroke sufferers
Wrist tags may stop drug errors
Eco-friendly bottle for ethical water
Military bugle goes electronic
House hunting spurs online solution
From tiny newsletter to top Web site
Needles pick up stitches to help knitters
Internet-based TV starts making inroads

High performing rope takes weight off
Companies piggyback on eBay success
Kristie's Silicon Valley blog
On your marks, get set, code!
Brace may stop elderly falling
Family-run brewery serves up GM beer
Gadget makes for 'safer' tan
High-tech tool for clubber mobiles
Trash guidebook, pack a podcast
Farm thrives in city basement

Tech and tradition create great vintage
Clever toilet checks on your health
Science creates gastronomic storm
Smart goggles easy on the eyes
Surf the Web to raise charity cash
Mobile home phone launched in UK
Dancing robot is strictly ballroom
High-tech home makes aging graceful

Science key part of cosmetics
Science, beauty create 'elixir of youth'
Singapore boosts security with tech
Device keeps TV watching on track
'Robo-doc' works hospital rounds
Digital fashions on the horizon
Robotic table takes on foosball fans
Flying 'Parajet' takes off

April 2005
Virtual reality heals 9/11 wounds
Hollow glass stops drinks being spiked
Soft toys keep watch on nannies
Tech keeps watch on the driver
'Flying taxi' of the future revealed
Robot walks, balances like a human
English teacher ahead of the game
New way of mapping gemstones
Car can improve your mood
Clever clock stops you sleeping late
Superstar gamers hot property

March 2005
Dialing up to do business
Korean bloggers making a difference
Tuning in to new radio trend
Car that runs on compressed air
'Quiet Eye' helps elite athletes
Digital technology for Irish cinemas
'Face' phone helps hearing impaired
Tiny robot to help cancer diagnosis
Clever clothes that react with smell
Police dogs wired for action
Open sourcing helps movie world
'Dolly' pioneer on the cloning debate

February 2005
Donor pigs may save human lives
Divers embrace anti-shark device
Smart glass reacts to the weather
Software offers hope for dyslexics
Seeing new detail in old masters
Give a dog a cell phone

January 2005
Fighting crime with smart firearm
Software brings photos to life
Light ideas promote easy sleeping
Heat helicopter works the railways
New way of talking on the phone
Tiny chip to prevent referee blunders
Scanner creates perfect-fit jeans
Bargain hunting in cyber boutiques
Record numbers go online shopping

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Get up-to-the minute news from CNN gives you the latest stories and video from the around the world, with in-depth coverage of U.S. news, politics, entertainment, health, crime, tech and more.
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