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Blog: Tales of woe

By CNN's Richard Quest
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(CNN) -- Posted: September 25, 2006

Update (Oct. 5): Sorry everyone for the absence of a new blog this week, I'm incredibly busy at the moment away on assignment. I'll have a new entry up early next week. Richard.

There is no point in writing a blog if I don't tell the bad along with the good.

So this week I must report I have not been at my best. I have just suffered a very nasty accident while travelling in the Middle East (various airlines, miles going to UA).

Because this might very well end up being sorted out in another forum, forgive me, if I refrain from giving too many details of where this took place and who was involved.

The facts though are simple:

I was taking a shower in my hotel room, I turned off the water, I tried to open the shower door, when the seven-foot glass door shattered and landed on top of me.

I was badly cut, requiring hospital treatment involving stitches. I have spent the past few days bandaged and in discomfort. It will be some days before the stitches can be taken out. I am hobbling about.

It was a very nasty shock, I can tell you. Forget what people say about shower doors being toughened glass, like windshields that can't cut you. They can and they did (alright, if it had been plate glass you'd probably be reading my obituary rather than my blog).

But it was still a most unpleasant experience to be naked, badly bleeding and having to navigate a mountain of broken glass, and then spending several hours in the emergency room.

This all came on the same week that my bank rejected several cheques I had written because I had forgot to transfer money into the account to meet the bills!

Now, I don't normally go round bouncing cheques, in fact I can't remember the last time this happened to me, but I have apologised to those involved and quickly written new cheques.

Why do I write of these incidents? Because as I fly back to London I am reminded that we spend so long travelling and looking after business that we often forget to look after ourselves!

We are constantly one pace behind in our real lives because we are trying to stay on top of our professional lives. Bills go unpaid. Household repairs go unheeded. There is always something that could, should, will be done if only we get the chance.

Perhaps I am only sounding so reflective because I have had a difficult week; but then unwelcome though the events, there might actually be a small silver lining to this rather nasty cloud if I start putting myself first!

Do I sound like I am feeling sorry for myself? Well, yes, I am. Even listening to Rod Stewart singing marvellously "Thanks for the Memory" on the plane is failing to put a smile on my face. Maybe if I ask very nicely the flight attendant will bring me another piece of that splendid orange chocolate mouse served on Etihad.

That should make things a lot better. If you have had a rocky road or a tricky trip in the past few weeks, then please let me know. I sympathise and want to share our experiences with each other.

Think of it as travellers' counselling. You know the sort of thing: "Hello. My name is Richard. I'm a frequent flyer." ("Hello Richard" you all reply...)

Wherever your travels may take you over the next seven days, I wish you a safe and profitable trip. I'll be thinking of you.

Email your own traveller's tales of woe to:

I just wanted to back you up on this one. My husband and I were staying with a relative of his, in a soon-to-be designer show house. The bathroom was to die for, and the designer and the renovator gave us the OK to use it. My husband went in first, and, just as you described, he grabbed the handle to open the door of the shower, and the entire door just collapsed into tiny shards of glass. Fortunately, most of it went outward on to the bathroom floor. I heard the noise, and being an ER nurse, I told him not to move, and was able to get towels to give him a path out. But, we were equally stunned that it was not safety glass.
Kirby, (Sept. 26)

I have learned from your tale. I will now either a) never shower or b) only shower while fully dressed in many layers of warm winter clothing. Hope all is getting better with you and that you don't have flashbacks with every piece of glass you see.
David Waters, Orlando, Fl, USA (Sept. 26)

You are not the only who has had an accident in the shower. When I was living abroad in the Sydney area my roommate fell through our glass shower wall. At the time I was out in the living room and freaked out when I heard the noise. Fortunately, he survived the ordeal with only several scrapes on his back that fortunately did not require medical attention.Oh yeah, his ego took the biggest blow -- even worse than the shower. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Steve Petersen, Dammeron Valley, Utah, USA (Sept. 26)

Condolences, Richard. Glad you're not badly injured. The last thing I would expect to turn around and bite me would be the shower door. I hope you got your second helping of orange chocolate mousse.
Jane Stein, (Sept. 26)

As a longtime fan who's watched you on both sides of the Atlantic, at all hours of the day, I'm sad to hear about your recent freak injuries, and hope you get better soon. Glad to hear you're taking time for yourself as well...
Ed O'Keefe, (Sept. 26)

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