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California wildfires: Your e-mails

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(CNN) -- With nearly a million California residents evacuated from their homes, families and friends across the country are wondering if their loved ones are safe. asked readers to share their stories.

The following e-mails are organized alphabetically by submitters' last names. Click here to read the M-Z submissions.

I-Reporter Andrew Huse captured this photo Monday of the blaze in San Diego, California.

Courtney Adams of Costa Mesa, California
I'm downwind from the Irvine/Santiago Fire. The air quality is really bad! I'm grateful my home is not in danger. However, for those exposed to the smoke, I'm finding that some Tylenol helps with the headache, a saline nasal spray keeps the nose from drying out and Vicks inhaler is letting me breathe. Just my two cents. I'm trying to stay healthy and available to help out where needed. I'm at a public library about 7 miles from the fire. The A/C and wi-fi are great.

Trudy and Chris Adams of Fallbrook, California
We were evacuated from our residence in Valley Oaks Park with 200 mobile and manufactured homes around 10:30 this morning. We are staying with a church friend in Temecula about 10 miles north of our home. We had to take back roads because the 15 was closed.

Victoria Adelhelm of Rancho Santa Fe, California
We left our home in The Groves in Rancho Santa Fe at 6:30 this morning. Now in La Jolla with pets and all family members safely. Air condition a lot better. Heard of fire in gated communities Cielo, The Crosby Estates and The Bridges (down the street from Groves). If anyone has information on these fires, please post updates. Those fires are blowing westward toward my house.

Matt Aranda of La Jolla, California
I am a student at UCSD (University of California at San Diego). We have been ordered to shelter in place due to unhealthy air conditions. Classes have been canceled through Tuesday, with the possibility of a cancellation of the rest of the week. The campus is closed, and the staff is advising students to stay in their dorms and to not leave the campus. Photo See photos from students and I-Report contributors »

David Barak of Poway, California
We're surrounded by evacuation zones here in our southern corner of Poway, in San Diego County. In fact, we're inside one, literally right at the edge of one zone (our street is listed as one of the borders of the evacuation zone), and we're three driving miles from Pomerado Hospital, evacuated earlier today.

However, the sky directly above us is pretty clear, and the fire has pretty much gone around our area to the north and south as it progresses westward to the coast. The only reason we've stayed is to avoid putting unnecessary stress on our pets, but we're packed and ready to leave quickly if needed.

Shasta Blaustein of Greensboro, North Carolina
The Hoskins family has evacuated and is with Grandma and Grandpa. Everyone is OK.

Michelle Brown of Poway, California
Lenny Roth and I are alive and well. We are in Chula Vista at a friend's house.

Ted Buchan of San Diego, California
Our family -- Crissy, Ashley and MacKenzie Buchan -- and dogs are safe at our parents' house in Solana Beach, California.

Judianne Byrne of Tucson, Arizona
We moved here in 2004 after going through the Cedar Fire and thought it came too close. It burned houses in our neighborhood. I am concerned about the Bernardo Winery where I worked and have many friends. How can I find out if the winery is safe?

Scott Campbell of Lake Arrowhead, California
I'm general counsel for the Lake Arrowhead Community Services District. Local news is available on

Michael Campos of Carmel Valley, California
About 7 this morning, my son, Justin, and his mom packed up and left their 3-year-old home in 4S Ranch. They took Camino Del Sur to avoid freeways and took about three hours to get out of 4S Ranch through Old Carmel Valley Road and met up with me in Del Mar. I was evacuated around 9 a.m., while wind gusts blew down trees all over the neighborhood. We headed north to Oceanside where my parents live and got out of the thick smoke that covered Carmel Valley, Del Mar and Solana Beach. In Oceanside, it's just another day ...

Cecilia Cano of Sun Valley, California
Stetson Ranch in Santa Clarita was evacuated at 11:30. They gave them 3 minutes to get out. Eddie and Chanai and their 4 children are out and trying to find a way to safety. This is only about half a mile from the mobile home park that is burning.

Angela Capannelli Bates of Encinitas, California
Left Encinitas on Monday; air quality bad, staying in OC with Dino and Ardenia. Angela, Gabriella and Alfredo all safe.

Sean Carne of San Diego, California
I had to evacuate from my Rancho Bernardo home off of Camino Del Norte only minutes from Larry Himmel's home in RB. I came to Mira Mesa, having been watching the news all day. The only good thing about this is the immense cooperation between citizens and firefighters to evacuate their homes. Another great thing is how many evacuation centers have been put up and the generous amounts of donations that have been received. Thank you!

Lisa Cook of Carlsbad, California
The haze and ash falling from the sky made it an easy decision to voluntarily evacuate for the time being. It just took our school district to figure it out.

Amanda Cormier of San Diego, California
My family evacuated from the Rancho Penasquitos area of San Diego in the corridor between the 56 freeway and the 15 freeway, south of Del Dios Highway. It took about an hour to traverse the 56 freeway to reach the 5. We are now staying at a relative's home near the San Diego International Airport.

Rosanna Costales of Waipahu, Hawaii
Needing to know that my sister and her entire family are safe. Greg and Roxanne Louie, daughter Ashley and son Benjamin. Reside in Mt. Woodson off 67.

Stuart Cumming of Bonsall, California

Stuart and Jacqueline Cumming have Chancey and birds -- but horses were left at the ranch. Animal control came and picked up the sheep. We are staying with family in Carlsbad.

Alicia Erbland of Fallbrook, California
My family lives off Gird Road in Fallbrook and has been evacuated and are staying with friends in Carlsbad and doing just fine.

John Farris of Rancho Santa Fe, California
We got out early with our horses! Thanks to the local police ...

Phyllis Fetter of Crestline, California
We all went down the mountain. We are all safe at Rita's house.

Carolyn Fox of Lake Arrowhead, California
We are still here despite the evacuations. This happened three years ago with the "Old Fire," and we are watering our two houses down near the lake. I have power and Internet still, don't know how long. It's bad! Call us if you need details. We are at the top of the mountain looking at the fires!!

Michelle Good of San Diego, California
My parents lived in Rancho Bernardo and were forced to evacuate when a tree bordering their property caught fire. They were able to take a few paintings and important documents. As I was talking to my father on the phone, making sure that they were safe, he mentions that the first thing my stepmom took with her was my wedding dress. I am even more thankful that I have been blessed with the best mom a daughter could ask for and that my loved ones are safe and unharmed.

Aliya and Crista Gordon of Castaic, California
We are OK ... staying with Adam and Deanna.

Don Gordon of San Diego, California
We evacuated at 11:30 a.m. from Carmel Valley, and at that time, it was a black cloud. We headed south to Chula Vista. Now watching for evacuation from Chula Vista. We are safe at the moment!

Joanne Goss of Encinitas, California
Currently there are nine fires burning out of control. Del Mar Race Track is now a shelter, as is Qualcomm Stadium. ... North County SD is burning out of control ... evacuated ... all of Del Mar (on the ocean) Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Olivenhain, Leucadia (Coastal), parts of La Costa -- these communities are approximately 4 miles or less from the beach. The wind is howling toward the ocean, and with it, it is bringing flames, ash and blinding smoke. Gov. Arnie should be here in 15 minutes to address this countie(s) state of emergency. Places that were shelters last night are now being evacuated. Malibu is nothing compared to this horrific nightmare.

Jim Grant of Poway, California
Jim, Heidi, Garrett, Brittany and Kylie are evacuated and driving to safety.

Crystal Gregory of Encinitas, California
Village Park evacuated. Me, Zach, Tim, JP, Tyson and Bella are OK. Not sure where to go.

Christa Gutzler of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I just spoke to Adrienne Barker who recently returned from Iraq and only weeks ago moved to Southern California, and she is safe and has relocated north.

Patty Hall of San Diego, California
The Hall-Cohens are all safely evacuated. Barry, Jeanne, David and his girlfriend Ashley Brown have gone to stay with Mike and Gladys in Chula Vista. I am up in the Bay Area with Verl and Fran until tomorrow.

Beth Hammon of Encinitas, California
We are under a lot of smoke, and my 74-year-old mother had to evacuate her home 2 miles east of us. So far, we have not been evacuated nearer to the coast, so we brought her here and are hanging tough. Fires are not that close yet, but the smoke is bad. We are all fine, and we are packed and ready to move out if we are ordered to.

Wendy Hart of Phoenix, Arizona
I have 2 horses that were being boarded off of Mother Grundy Truck Trail in Jamul. I am desperately trying to find out if they are alive, were evacuated, or ??

Barbara Hatfield of Poway, California
I have evacuated to my family's home in Westminster, CA. I am doing fine.

Michele Hemming of San Marcos, California
I am safe at home in San Marcos. Olivia Hemming, my mom, is safer, she's in La Jolla staying with friends at the beach. I stayed home in case of future evacuations here and to help all my friends in Escondido if they need me. San Marcos is surrounded by the fires here, in Fallbrook, Escondido and Poway/Rancho Bernardo. The air is almost unbreathable here.

Eleda Hila of Fallbrook, California
I'm at my daughter Nancy and Brian's in Orange County.

Timothy Hill of Los Angeles, California
I am safe.

Steven Hong of San Diego, California
I'm safe. We (roommates and I) evacuated from our home in Rancho Penasquitos this morning and are currently in La Jolla.

Connie Hurden Munoz of Poway, California
Our family and pets are safe.

Jayne Hurley of Santee, California
To any family members who may check here, everyone is safe as of 2:15. Although the mandatory evacuations are getting closer, we haven't been asked to leave as of now. I will update as the day progresses.

Rachel Ikonomou of Stevenson Ranch, California
We are up in Westridge of Stevenson Ranch right next to Magic Mountain and the Old Road. We were evacuated at 3 p.m. but allowed to go back at 5:30. The firefighters are doing an amazing job considering how dry and windy it is. I can see 2 separate fires from our window. It is horrible knowing we can be evacuated and lose our home at any time. Due to the weather, it looks like the fire is only going to continue to spread. We have the car packed and ready to go. Pray for us.

Kim Jones of Chula Vista, California
I am disappointed to see that you are covering the fires in Malibu, California, when almost all of San Diego County has had mandatory or voluntary evacuations. The smoke is so thick that breathing conditions are horrible. People are trying to leave and are sitting in traffic for over five hours. And you are covering celebrity and rich people's houses that burned. Even the Govenator was here in San Diego and still nothing is covered from you on it.

Suren Khachatryan of Malibu, California
I would like to let my relatives (especially my family in Armenia) know that I am safe and I managed to evacuate from Pepperdine's Malibu campus.

Steve King of Lakewood, California
I'm OK.

Kelly and Rebecca Kline of San Diego, California
We were evacuated from our 4S Ranch home early Monday morning. Staying at our old loft in downtown San Diego for the moment. Prayer coverage for all of California needed!

Larry Laramee of Rancho Santa Fe, California
Anna, Tara and Dad are safe. Our insurance policy should cover everything lost.

Lorna Lavine of Carlsbad, California
We are staying in Toronto, Canada, until fires subside.

Michael, Tana and Matthew Lesmeister of Escondido, California
We are in El Segundo in a hotel. Safe. Keep up your hard work, all our heroes out there battling these fires.


George Lin of Los Angeles, California
We are all safe, Suh, Jacqueline and I.

Kevin Lun of San Elijo Hills, California
Evacuated San Elijo Hills at 3:45 a.m., and drove to a hotel in Del Mar. Safe at the hotel now. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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