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I-Reporters around the world remember Benazir Bhutto

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(CNN) -- To some, she was a lifelong role model. Others call Pakistan's former prime minister and the first female prime minister of any Muslim nation a source of inspiration to women everywhere. One I-Reporter acknowledges, "I never was a political supporter of Benazir Bhutto but now after her death I feel that her loss is a loss for Pakistan, not just her political supporters."


Anthony G. Moore photographed Benazir Bhutto with her husband Asif Ali Zardari in New York in 2006.

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated during a suicide bombing on December 27, 2007, and I-Reporters from all over the world responded with their memories and condolences. Below are selections, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Farhad Sethi of Lahore, Pakistan
Breathing in the air of grief and sadness, the nation suffers the loss of our beloved leader Benazir Bhutto, an institution in herself withstanding pressures at times when suicide bombing has become an unstoppable enigma. A sniper pierced a bullet through her neck and our enthusiastic leader couldn't even make it to the hospital, her last words God knows what were they but her face and inspirational personality will always be remembered.

A woman who grew up with politics in her backyard is no longer with us, she was a graduate from Harvard and Oxford universities and seeing her go down in a wooden casket was a sight bringing down tears in every eye. We all have to go down the ground one day but being assassinated like this is not something we would want for even our worst enemies. She has left a space that will never be filled in the hearts and minds of the nation. She has enjoyed the position of being the first Muslim woman to lead a country as Prime Minister, but this is over she's gone, may Allah (swt) have mercy on her soul and she rests in peace in a better place. Ameen.

Al Alston of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Benazir Bhutto's gifts to Pakistan and the world far outweigh the charges made by her adversaries. I will never forget how she led Pakistan in its unwavering support for the African National Congress during the misery of the apartheid days. Her presence at the inauguration of Nelson Mandela left an indelible impression on me. I remain an admirer of her nation because of this critical alliance. I will keep her family and nation in my prayers.

Mickin Sahni of Stone Ridge, Virginia
As a first generation Indian-American, I have heard from my parents the turmoil on the subcontinent as their parents were forced to India while their friends were forced to Pakistan. Bhutto's effort to reconcile the differences between the two countries was one of her main missions. Indians throughout the world remember her as a peaceful link between the two nuclear superpowers and could only sympathize with Pakistanis grieving throughout the world. Hopefully her efforts were not in vain.

Sandra Rios of Aberdeen, Maryland
Benazir Bhutto loved her country and people so much that despite an assassination attempt in Oct and continuous death threats she remained unshaken. As a Women and a Former US soldier I admire her bravery.

Russ Bonny of Golden, Colorado
I haven't had the raw emotions I am feeling right now since September 11, 2001. The death of Mrs. Bhutto is a loss for the entire world and a grim reminder of how tirelessly we must fight extremists.

Whitney Anderson of Irving, Texas
I never really got the chance to know much about this woman. I'm still a teen, trying to figure out this mess we call our own democracy. But I can say this. For anyone to be slaughtered is a shame. It's crazy to think young adults like myself have had to grow up in a time where planes are flown into buildings, wars are dragging on and dragging us down, and now a revered and respected woman is dead, only because she was trying to better the world. I can only hope my future children don't have to live like this, and that the only time they hear of things like this is in a history book.

Shima of Tehran, Iran
All Persians know what her name means... Her name means Unique, and she was unique in all her life. God bless her.

Naureen Haider of Jensen Beach, Florida
It's a great loss to the country. Ms. Bhutto went to the same elementary school as mine, Convent of Jesus and Mary School in Karachi, and she was always an example to us, to motivate, thus that it is proud to be a female. Benazir, not only earned the best of qualifications on merit, but also proved to the world, that this is what patriotism is. My family having met Benazir personally several times, sends our deepest condolences to the family and prayers go out to the children. May Allah be with them. Ameen!!

Humnaa Umar of Great Falls, Virginia
The death of Benazir Bhutto not only marked the end of a revolutionary political leader, but also the demise of a pioneer in terms of women's rights. In a country with a strict gender hierarchy, Bhutto inspired countless women with her ceaseless supply of fortitude.

Mwilu Mwanachilenga of Lusaka, Zambia
A Martyr. A pity though that a life that I looked up to, for the whole 25 years of my existence, could ever end like this. Condolences to the family and may her soul rest in peace

Sabina Brauner of Frankfurt, Germany
Disbelief was my first reaction when I just read the news. And shock. At such violence. I do not remember her as an outstanding figure but when someone mentioned Pakistan there was that immediate connection: Pakistan-Bhutto. So after such an act you just hope against hope that people there will find peace. I wish them all the best.

Ahsan Khan of Reading, United Kingdom
I never was a political supporter of Benazir Bhutto but now after her death I feel that her loss is a loss for Pakistan and not just for her political followers. The present government setup has failed and should resign to stop further bloodshed. God bless Benazir Bhutto's soul.

Erum Qayyum of Lahore, Pakistan
As the first female prime minister in the Muslim world, I felt as if women are really going to get ahead and men would actually start taking their technical knowledge more seriously but of course men are men.

Her death was appalling and the way it happened. It has shocked me and everyone else in my family even though we are not really Benazir's supporters. It is a wonder that my land of Pakistan is actually going to the dogs where no one is safe. I wish the Bush administration opens its eyes to what's happening because neither the civilian nor the military governments have done anything to make this land of mine more peaceful and secure to live in.

Moses Quinion Galabuzi of Kampala, Uganda
It is too sad to hear of the assassination of this great lady. I was following her very closely and had a lot of respect for her. Whoever did kill her will die the same way but will never be a hero just as she was. Rest in peace Honorable Benazir Bhutto.

May the good Lord reward you for the great things you did.

Carlo Zappa of Montreal, Quebec
When will the horror in Pakistan end? My heart goes out to her family and to the people of Pakistan. Her life was cut short and mankind will never see the additional good she could have done to resolve the endless political conflict in India.

Ahmed Alian of Cairo, Egypt
She was a brave woman in a coward world, may her soul rest in peace. I'm not blaming Musharraf for killing her, but I'm blaming him for feeding the atmosphere of terrorism through his dictatorship, which is unfortunately, supported by the so-called "free world."

Oyefeso Temitope of Lagos, Nigeria
You had a heart to help save Pakistan from military dictatorship, and you have to pay with your life!!! What a world!!! We await the reaction of the West.

Sleep well, it was a just curse and rare fight from a woman.

Linda Palumbo of Boston, Massachusetts
A woman who was beautiful, brilliant and dedicated to bringing peace to her country. Such a tragedy and such a loss for the people of Pakistan.

Kartiq Subramanian of Charlotte, North Carolina
This is really sad! My limited political knowledge told me that she was Pakistan's only hope toward democracy and peace and now her killing has proved that. I feel sad for her family and for the people of Pakistan. May peace prevail.

Fariha Waseem of Spring Valley, New York
Benazir Bhutto is a woman of courage and conviction and we Pakistani's are proud to acknowledge her with all the dedication and deeds she made for her country. She stands for principal of democracy and corruptions and wants to remove it from roots.

She not only received awards for her books but for her all dedications she did for her peoples. My condolence is with all the loved ones of Bhutto's family and her party workers.

May God rest her soul in Peace! (Amen)

Funmi Omoniyi of Lagos, Nigeria
We will miss you Benazir Bhutto because you are a strong woman, ready to fight for your country. As a woman of substance, you deserve to rest in perfect peace. May Allah grant you Aljanat Amiin.

Kimberley Brewer of Ottawa, Ontario
Although I have no ties, either familial or political, to Benazir Bhutto, I am deeply saddened and enraged by her murder. This noble leader, who championed women's rights in a society rife with discrimination toward fully half the population, has been felled by cowards who seek to thwart progress and peace. My heart goes out to all who mourn her loss as I do, and my condemnation to those responsible for this horrific act of barbarism.


Mohammad Khurram Khan of Cleveland, Ohio
It is a sad day for all Pakistanis and the entire world. This is a direct result of the aftermath of September 11 and its ongoing consequences around the world. The blazes set forth by the terrorist continue to burn today in different cities.

Bhutto was a legend and a role model for all men and women alike. She was inspirational not just to Pakistanis, but inspirational to us all through out the world. It is saddening (with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart) to see such a [legend] become a part of the blaze beset by the terrorists. Terrorists have no religion or political affiliations. They only have motives driven by greed and power. I certainly hope that the terrorist behind this are brought to justice and I am sure that General Musharraf will do his best to do so as he has always done in the interest of Pakistan. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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