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  • Oil prices are at record levels, pushing the subject of oil production to the forefront
  • Could Middle East producers be bringing more to market? MME investigates
  • Plus, CEO of natural gas company, Dolphin Energy, Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh
  • Al Sayegh on the sector, impact of oil prices and increasing global energy demand
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(CNN) -- In focus -- oil capacity


Dolphin Energy CEO, Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh talks to MME about the growing natural gas industry

Oil is hovering at record prices. As U.S. President George W. Bush heads back to the Middle East this week, it is likely the subject of oil production will come to the forefront.

Bush has already asked OPEC for an increase in the global oil supply but Middle Eastern oil-producing countries say they are already doing everything they can. MME takes a look at global oil capacity -- and whether producers in the region could bring more oil to market.

Facetime with Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh

With record oil prices dominating the headlines, MME sits down with a key player from an energy sector that is gaining more recognition -- natural gas. We talk to the CEO of Dolphin Energy, Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh. Al Sayegh is head of the largest single energy initiative in the Middle East, linking the three Gulf states of Qatar, UAE and Oman, and producing two billion cubic feet of gas a day, equivalent to 350,000 barrels of oil. He talks to us about the importance of the natural gas sector, the impact of high oil prices, and increasing global energy demand.

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