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Sunrise to Sunset in Hong Kong

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  • Perveen Crawford, Hong Kong's first female pilot, shows us around her favorite spots
  • For the best seafood try Po Toi O a small fishing village in the New Territories
  • The retro-chic China Club in Central Hong Kong serves traditional Chinese food
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LONDON, England (CNN) -- Perveen Crawford became Hong Kong's first female pilot in 1995 and is soon to be Hong Kong's first female astronaut when she blasts off to sub-orbital space as a paying customer on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipOne.

Po Toi O is in Clear Water Bay in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong socialite shows us around her city's favorite haunts.

For the best seafood in the city, Crawford recommends Po Toi O a small fishing village at Clear Water Bay in the New Territories, Hong Kong. At the village's two seafood restaurants diners can sample the freshest fish picked from teeming water tanks and enjoy specialties such as fried mantis shrimp with peppery salt and fried rice with sea urchin.

There's also a 300-year-old temple in the village and hiking trails abound in the hills around the bay.

Po Toi O is a 45-minute drive from Hong Kong Island and can be reached using minibus route 16 from Po Lam and by car along the Po Toi O Chuen road.

Another of Hong Kong's hidden gems is the retro-chic China Club on the 13th floor of the Old Bank of China building on Bank Street.

The style is 1930s Shanghai with traditional furniture as well as contemporary Chinese art and dazzling views from the balcony. On the menu is traditional Chinese food (monosodium glutamate is completely banned) as well as Western tea, coffee and cakes during the day.

China Club, The 13/F, The Old Bank of China Building, Bank Street, Central, Hong Kong. Telephone: 25218888.

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