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Survivors of the Jonestown tragedy

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  • In 1978, 909 Americans were led to mass murder-suicide by Rev. Jim Jones
  • Jones persuaded followers to kill children first; then drink cyanide-laced fruit drink
  • One-third of the dead at Jonestown were children: Only 33 people survived
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(CNN) -- On November 18, 1978, more than 900 people died in a mass murder-suicide at Jonestown, a cult commune in Guyana.

Its leader, the Rev. Jim Jones, called himself God. He persuaded followers to kill their children first and then drink fruit punch laced with cyanide. Of the nearly 1,000 church members who were present at the start of that day, only 33 survived.

Eleven people fled through the jungle:
Richard Clark, age 42
Julius Evans, 30
Sandra Evans, 30
Sonya Evans, 11
Sharla Evans, 7
Shirelle Evans, 5
Johnny Franklin, 33
Diane Louie, 26
Robert Paul, 33
Leslie Wilson, 21
Jakari Wilson, 3

Fourteen people lived through airport ambush:
Monica Bagby, 18
Jim Bogue, 36
Edith Bogue, 39
Teena Bogue, 22
Juanita Bogue, 21
Tommy Bogue, 17
Harold Cordell, 42
Vernon Gosney, 25
Chris O'Neal, 20
Edith Parks, 64
Gerald Parks, 45
Dale Parks, 27
Brenda Parks, 18
Tracy Parks, 12

Four people were sent away by Jones or his mistress:
Mike Carter, 20
Tim Carter, 30
Larry Layton, 32
Mike Prokes, 31

Four lived through the mass suicides:
Stanley Clayton, 25
Grover Davis, 79
Odell Rhodes, 36
Hyacinth Thrash, 76

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