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Muhammad Hajj Moussa was only 11 years old when he lost both his legs. It is not at all easy for the teenager to speak about "that day," when his life was plunged into despair. He does so haltingly, in very short sentences, before ending in silent tears.

It was on August 11, 2006, just 13 days short of his twelfth birthday. "I went with my dad to take food for some people who were stuck in Smaiya," he explains.

War was raging in southern Lebanon at the time. Muhammad and his father thought there was some sort of ceasefire in place, so they felt relatively safe. That is, until the motorcycle hit an obstacle on the road.

"My father was hurt and I fell off the motorbike into a hole and I remember something blew up," Muhammad recalls.

The detonation of the cluster bomb set Muhammad's body on fire. "I made it to the river and the (Red Cross) volunteers pulled me from the water. I remember my legs were falling apart." Read full article »

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