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Videos, pictures offer chilling glimpses of Iran

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  • Videos, pictures show unrest in Iran after disputed election
  • One video believed to be home invasion by Iranian forces
  • CNN, other news media banned from reporting from streets without permission
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TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- A harrowing video surfaced late Saturday of an apparent home invasion by Iranian security forces that conveyed the fear and chaos in Tehran after a day of brutal crackdown on protesters.

The video is dark and the images hard to make out, but the sounds are chilling. A woman inside a house screams in Farsi: "They are coming! They are coming."

It's not clear who "they" are, but witnesses in some north Tehran neighborhoods reported raids by the pro-government Basij militia.

"They're coming from the terrace!" screams another woman in the video, followed by the sound of an ominous knock on the door.

The woman inside the house shouts: "Get out! Get out! Oh, God."

"They are smashing car windows," said a male voice. Then, the sound of car alarms can be heard.

The disturbing video came after sources said security forces were plucking young people from their homes.

That video was just one of hundreds taken by Iranians on the streets who, in the absence of international media coverage, used cell phones, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to get word out about Saturday's massive anti-government demonstrations.

Many such videos were sent to CNN, though CNN cannot independently confirm their veracity because international journalists are banned from reporting from the streets without the permission of Iranian authorities.


The videos provide the best look at a nation facing an intense political upheaval.

One graphic video that captured close up the death of a young woman touched a nerve among those following the events in Tehran for more than a week. It was impossible to verify her name -- Neda -- or the circumstances of her death but the image became the iconic symbol of a brutal day.

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