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Ramadan, that holy month of fasting and dawn-to-dusk abstinence, is a key period in the Muslim calendar apart from its standing as one of the five Pillars of Islam.

More typically associated with praying, fasting and religious contemplation, it's also the month that Muslims are more glued to the tube than at any other time during the year, much like Thanksgiving or Christmas in the United States.

The dozens of TV drama series known as "musalsals," prepared precisely for Ramadan -- and the loyal following they attract -- is testament to its significance in the Muslim world's TV calendar.

Quiz shows, talk shows and biographical series also form part of the annual Ramadan line-up. On the set of Ramadan's TV dramas

"Part of the Ramadan tradition is to gather with friends and family and watch TV," Ismail Kutkut told CNN. Kutkut is the producer of a biopic about 1940s Egyptian singer Laila Mourad, one of Ramadan 2009's most anticipated shows. Read full article »

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