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Shark bites fisherman trying to remove lure

By Patty Lane, CNNRadio
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Officials: Man bitten by shark
  • 20-year-old man is bitten as he tries to take lure out of shark's mouth
  • Coast Guard: Man's injuries not serious
  • Drinking, rather than sharks, is biggest threat during holiday weekend, Guard says

New York(CNN) -- A 20-year-old man out fishing off New York's Long Island was bitten Saturday by a shark that he had just caught.

The man was trying to take the lure out of the shark's mouth when he was bitten, the U.S. Coast Guard told CNNRadio.

"It rolled over and bit down on his right bicep," said Petty Officer Thomas McKenzie.

The man, who was not identified, was on a recreational fishing boat about 25 nautical miles south of Shinnecock, New York. The Coast Guard took him ashore, where he was treated by medics and taken to a hospital.

"As I understand it, the injury wasn't too bad," McKenzie said.

On the holiday weekend, sharks are not the biggest threat, McKenzie said.

"The biggest threat to mariners on the waters at this time is intoxication while boating or lack of situational awareness," he said.

McKenzie reminds boaters to have a good time but use common sense on the water and use a life jacket.

"It's a fairly rare event," he said of the fisherman's wounds. "However, this individual was fishing for blue shark."