Aruban authorities search for missing woman

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  • Aruban authorities use dogs to search for missing woman, Robyn Gardner
  • Police continue to hold suspect Gary Giordano in connection with the case
Aruban authorities used search dogs Tuesday to comb the area near where a Maryland woman went missing in August, officials in the prosecutor's office said.
Investigators chose the area near Baby Beach based on information gathered after a reenactment of the events leading up to Robyn Gardner's disappearance on August 2.
The reenactment gave investigators reason to believe that Gary Giordano, the man Gardner came to Aruba with, was not telling the truth about how Gardner disappeared, said Chief Prosecutor Taco Stein. He didn't elaborate.
Gardner, 50, is the only suspect in the woman's disappearance. The Gaithersburg, Maryland, resident has been in custody since August 5 as the investigation continues.
Prosecutors say Giordano told authorities he was snorkeling with Gardner, 35, on Baby Beach on Aruba's western tip and signaled to her to swim back. According to a transcript of a police interview obtained by CNN, Giordano told police that he feared for his life when he signaled for Gardner to turn back and didn't look for her as he swam for shore.
When he reached the beach, Gardner was nowhere to be found, Giordano said, according to authorities.
Authorities held the reenactment September 19, after waiting for weather conditions similar to those the day Gardner disappeared.
Police have said that both Giordano and Gardner had their own travel insurance policies worth $1.5 million each. Giordano's mother is the beneficiary on his policy, Stein said. Authorities have not said who is the beneficiary on Gardner's policy.