Greeks protest austerity measures

Updated 1551 GMT (2351 HKT) October 5, 2011
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A molotov fire bomb explodes by police during a protest in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens on Wednesday, October 5. At least 10,000 marchers shut down the center of the Greek capital Wednesday to protest the latest waves of austerity measures announced by the government. AFP/Getty Images
Demonstrators clash with police in the face of tear gas. The protests are part of a 24-hour general strike in the public sector that shut down Athens International Airport, government ministries and schools. Hospitals operated on skeleton staffs, and some commuter rail services were closed. AFP/Getty Images
Protesters march toward the Greek Parliament shouting slogans against their government and the group overseeing Greece's $146 billion bailout: the European Central Bank, European Commission and International Monetary Fund. AFP/Getty Images
The protesters are unionized public-sector workers who are angry about pay cuts, which they say amount to as much as 40% of their take-home pay. AFP/Getty Images
Police arrest a protester during Wednesday's rally in Athens. AFP/Getty Images
The 24-hour general strike leaves Athens International Airport looking deserted Wednesday. AFP/Getty Images