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Short celebrity-inspired hair cuts are popular for fall

Try layers like Heidi Klum's and Cat Deeley's to add body and avoid looking matronly

Olivia Wilde takes a more subtle, refined approach to the ombre trend  — 

Ready to ditch your sun-bleached summer tresses for something crisp and clean? Try these celebrity inspired cuts and colors that are perfect for fall!

Dianna Agron’s Shaggy Bob

WHAT IT IS “I call this haircut a ‘shab,’” says hairstylist Giannandrea, who created this look for the star. “It’s a cross between a bob and a shag.” The hair is cut above the shoulders, and then razored from back to front at a slight angle. “This is the kind of style that comes to life with the styling.”

WHO SHOULD TRY IT “Minus the bangs, this would be a great short cut for someone with curly hair,” said hairstylist Mark Townsend. “The layered side pieces will keep the hair from forming that dreaded A-shape.” Otherwise, this versatile cut would work for most face shapes and textures. 12 easy ways to look thinner by tonight

Evan Rachel Wood’s Punk Rock Crop

WHAT IT IS A short on the sides, long on the top cut. “Because the hair covers the ears, the cut looks feminine,” says Townsend. “Boys haircuts are trimmed around the ears.”

WHO SHOULD TRY IT Townsend loves this look for anyone with straight or wavy hair. “It’s such a versatile look – you can easily build volume and create some really interesting styles,” he says.

Ashlee Simpson’s Perfect Pixie

WHAT IT IS A cool update on the retro pixie: Short in the back with a swoop of asymmetrical, face-framing bangs. “The long bits on the side are so flirty,” says Townsend.

WHO SHOULD TRY IT At last – a haircut that’s actual best on fine hair! “The little details in this cut will really be accentuated if you have fine, baby soft hair,” says Townsend. And of course, keep in mind that trims like this are ideal on women with delicate features.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Long Bangs and Bob

WHAT IT IS Thick, arched bangs and a straight bob cut three inches below the collarbone. “This cut is all about those blunt ends,” says Townsend. “There are some soft layers on the underside of the hair, but the appearance is very sharp and very modern.”

WHO SHOULD TRY IT “This a a great look for someone with thick hair,” Townsend says. The concealed layering will thin the hair and help it fall nicely with minimal styling. Read: Less time fighting with the blow-dryer and flatiron.

Tyra Banks’s Wavy Bob and Straight Bangs

WHAT IT IS A long bob that starts at the shoulders and gradually tapers to the collarbone. “Because her bangs have those choppy ends, the straight line isn’t too severe,” says Townsend.

WHO SHOULD TRY IT The long bangs would be great for downplaying a large forehead; the loose layers work for nearly any texture of hair. Those with wavy strands will love the scrunch-and-go ease of the look – but do take the time to smooth the fringe.

Heidi Klum’s All-Over Layers

WHAT IT IS The polar opposite of a mom cut. “Heidi’s hair is mid-length, which can get a little dowdy, but because of the dimensional layers sliced throughout, it has a great shape and isn’t one bit matronly,” Townsend says.

WHO SHOULD TRY IT “I can’t think of one woman who wouldn’t look good in this cut,” says Townsend. That being said, the look does require a bit of maintenance: Keeping the layers around the face trimmed to cheekbone level (not longer) is essential to preserving the youthful vibe. 10 ways to wake up beautiful

Cat Deeley’s Classic Long Layers

WHAT IT IS Chunky, face-framing layers with tapered ends. “These layers are not about blending. This is not the ’90s Jennifer Aniston look,” says Townsend. “You really want to have your stylist cut two distinct sets of layers at the chin and at the collarbone.”

WHO SHOULD TRY IT “I love this for anyone with tons of fine hair – the kind of woman with a ponytail that’s two-inches thick,” Townsend says. The layers will provide instant movement, but still let you show off all that lush hair.

Katie Holmes’s Barely There Layers

WHAT IT IS Extra-long, chest-length hair with subtle thinning at the ends to prevent the styling from looking Marcia Brady.

WHO SHOULD TRY IT Are you that girl with long, silky hair that that dries straight with very little effort? Meet your new hairstyle. “I would even recommend this look for someone with curly hair that relies on weekly blowouts. If you can commit to the styling, it’s ultimately a very low effort cut,” says Townsend.

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Who says you have to stop at the cut – take your new look even further with one of these fabulous fall colors.

Emma Stone’s Dimensional Red

KEY COLOR NOTES If it’s not natural, flame red hair can look costumey against nearly any complexion. But a coppery auburn with a wash of strawberry highlights like Stone’s is flattering on skintones ranging from ultra-fair to tan and tawny. (Skip the shade if you’re olive or darker.) And do take a tip from the star by asking that your brows be touched-up, too. The simple tweak enhances the overall sexiness of the shade.

Charlize Theron’s Buttery Blond

KEY COLOR NOTES “This is just such a bright sexy blond,” says colorist Denis De Souza, who works with celebrities like Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde and Rachel Bilson. “To make it work for fall, just be sure to amp up your makeup a bit. That way you won’t look washed out.” De Souza also points out that because the tone is slightly ashy, it’s best reserved for women with fair skin. “Otherwise you get too contrast-y,” he adds.

Emma Roberts’s Honey Blond

KEY COLOR NOTES What makes this blond so unique is the layers of dimensional color: A base of toffee blond is accented with ribbons of caramel and straw. We love this treatment for women who were towheads as children and are reticent to admit they’re now light brunets. It also looks great on fair complected beauties with a pinkish hint in their skin; those with yellow notes can look too tone-on-tone. 50 best celebrity wedding dresses of all time

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Grown-Out Blond

KEY COLOR NOTES Ever since ombre came into fashion in the last year or so, colorists have perfected the art of the imperceptible fade. SJP’s style exhibits no such precision – and that’s exactly why we love it. If you’re a true brunet who went blond for summer, resist the urge to re-highlight. Trust us: The results can be spectacular.

Maria Menounos’s Tawny Highlights

KEY COLOR NOTES If you’ve got a light chestnut base like Menounos, a scattering of sunny highlights can enliven your look. Keep things sophisticated, not streaky, by making sure the highlights are ultra-fine and placed evenly throughout the entire head, even on the underside of your hair. You’ll spend a long afternoon in the salon chair – and the entire season thankful you did. 45 chic bags for fall

Olivia Wilde’s Refined Ombre

KEY COLOR NOTES “Olivia hadn’t colored her hair in seven or eight years when she came to me,” De Souza confesses. “I gave her a base that accented her natural medium brown with lighter honey highlights throughout. Then I lightened the tips with a shade for tones lighter than her darkest hair. It’s ombre, but without being severe. And it grows out gorgeously without becoming brassy.”

Ciara’s Streaky Highlights

KEY COLOR NOTES Usually words like streaky, chunky and patchy aren’t necessarily phrases we’d like associated with our highlights. But one look at Ciara’s pitch-perfect strands changed our minds for good. Thick ribbons of a coppery blond right along the part are the perfect update to a glossy espresso single-process treatment. Ask your colorist for a few hidden streaks on the underside of your hair for a playful, peek-a-boo surprise.

Mila Kunis’s Perked-Up Brunet

KEY COLOR NOTES Does Kunis’s color look too shiny and natural to be manufactured? That’s exactly the idea. “Mila has dark brown hair, so I highlighted it two levels lighter than her base,” says De Souza. “For anyone with olive skin and brunet hair, this technique looks amazing. It’s simple and believable, but not at all boring.”

Freida Pinto’s Inky Black

KEY COLOR NOTES Freida Pinto’s hair is so unique because it’s nearly a true black, without a glint of auburn or purple in the light. Of course while the best way to get this look is to be born with it, there are a few key tricks for faking it. Ask your colorist for the deepest shade of brunet, not black, which is too severe and heavy metal for the look you’re after. (Think coffee grounds, not tar.) And splurge on a luxurious glossing treatment as often as you can. Dyed black hair can look rough and flat without the extra love. 10 hairstyles that are always in style

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