Occupy Rome turns violent

Published 2224 GMT (0624 HKT) October 15, 2011
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Colorful smoke flares ignite in downtown Rome as demonstrators march on Saturday, October 15, and the Occupy Wall Street movement goes global. What started as a peaceful protest turned violent, resulting in injuries to at least 70 people. AFP/Getty Images
Protesters gather peacefully at the Colosseum in Rome on Saturday. Tens of thousands marched downtown, setting the capital under security lockdown. AFP/Getty Images
A demonstrator breaks a window with a fire extinguisher. Anarchists -- some wearing ski masks and belonging to a group called "Black Bloc" -- torched cars, broke windows and clashed with police. AFP/Getty Images
A protester attacks a police van with a pole. A spokesman for Mayor Gianni Alemanno, who condemned the violence, said 40 of the injured people were police officers. AFP/Getty Images
An anti-riot police officer reacts as protesters throw flares. The Piazza San Giovanni transformed into a battleground between police and protesters.
Police arrest a man during the rally. No arrest numbers were available late Saturday. AFP/Getty Images
Rowdy protesters attack the police. Rocks, bottles and tear gas canisters flew, and in the mayhem, an Interior Ministry building caught fire. AFP/Getty Images
Police walk past a flaming van. Police battled with water cannons while the anarchists remained armed with knives, bats, Molotov cocktails and fireworks, Newsweek correspondent Barbie Nadeau told CNN. AFP/Getty Images
A man holds a sign amid the protests Saturday. "[The movement has] been completely hijacked by these violent factions, and the police are nervous, and the situation is very tense," Newsweek's Nadeau said. AFP/Getty Images