Suicide attackers target U.S. base in Afghanistan

Story highlights

  • Two civilians are killed
  • A U.S. soldier and two local guards are injured
  • A Taliban spokesman claims responsibility
Four suicide attackers targeted a U.S. base in Afghanistan on Saturday morning, killing two civilians and leaving three people injured, a provincial police chief said.
A U.S. soldier and two local guards were injured, said Mohammad Qasim Jangalbagh, police chief of Panjshir province.
"Attackers were prepared with suicide vests, light and heavy weapons," said Ata Mohammad Amiri, head of the provincial council.
When the attackers got close to the gate, he said, three fired weapons and rocket-propelled grenades to the tower of the base where guards were watching.
The fourth attacker, who was driving a Toyota, detonated his explosive device near the gate, allowing the others to get in, according to the official.
Two suicide attackers detonated their vests and two were fatally shot by police before their devices went off, he said.
A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack.
This is the first major attack by the Taliban in the province since the U.S. led invasion in 2001.
Panjshir province is about 120 miles north of Kabul.