Pilot and passenger crash into forested area in Switzerland

Story highlights

  • Plane crashes after takeoff in forested area
  • The Piper aircraft loses contact 30 minutes after takeoff, police say
Swiss police said Saturday that a pilot and a passenger died after their Piper aircraft crashed in a forested area in the country's northwest.
Canton Police said a 29-year-old British resident and a 40-year-old resident of Neuchatel, Switzerland, died in Friday's crash in the outskirts if the village of Fontaines-sur-Grandson, in Canton of Vaud.
The aircraft, a registered Piper, had taken off from the airfield of Colombier was heading to Amiens, France. The plane lost contact with air traffic control 30 minutes after take-off, police said.
Police did not offer any additional information about the two victims.
The cause of the accident remained unknown. Police asked potential witnesses to call a hotline.