Archaeologists unearth Viking boat burial

Updated 1625 GMT (0025 HKT) October 19, 2011
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UK archaeologists have discovered a Viking boat burial at Ardnamurchan in the Scottish Highlands. Getty Images
The grave -- the first fully intact burial on the British mainland -- is thought to have belonged to a Viking of high status. Sarah Paris/University of Manchester
The man was buried with his shield and an ax, and his sword -- seen here in an x-ray image. Pieta Greaves/AOC Archaeology
The team also found hundreds of metal rivets, which are thought to have held the Viking's ship together. University of Manchester
Experts say the sword's hilt was ornately decorated. Getty Images
A bronze ring pin, believed to have come from Ireland, was also found in the grave, alongside a whetstone from Norway, and pieces of Viking pottery. Getty Images