Libyans in London celebrate Gadhafi's death

Updated 2102 GMT (0502 HKT) October 20, 2011
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Four-year-old Selsabeel Ageli, whose parents say spent months praying for Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi to die, celebrates outside the Libyan Embassy in London. Bryony Jones/CNN
Her sister, eight-year-old Bilquees, was also among the crowds which gathered at the embassy on news of the former dictator's death. Bryony Jones/CNN
The pair's mother, Amani Deghayes, seen here with her daughters and husband, said her own father Amer was killed by the Gadhafi regime in 1980. Bryony Jones/CNN
Libya's ambassador to the UK, Mahmoud Al Nacua, read a statement to the crowd, confirming the death of Gadhafi, and announcing "Today Libya's future begins." Bryony Jones/CNN
Amira Elgadi, Aida Shebani and Sana Maziq moved to London in recent months to protect their children from the violence in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. All hope to be able to return there in the coming months. Bryony Jones/CNN
Two Libyan students wore their nation's new flags as capes when they joined in the party-like atmosphere at the embassy, in central London. Bryony Jones/CNN
Libyans young and old were keen to join in the jubilation, with singing chanting and dancing. Bryony Jones/CNN
A man dances with a child on his shoulders outside the Libyan Embassy in London. Bryony Jones/CNN
Others proudly waved an anti-Gadhafi banner as passing cars beeped their horns in solidarity. Bryony Jones/CNN
Some in the crowd vented their anger at the dead dictator by kicking, punching and spitting on the image of Gadhafi. Bryony Jones/CNN