Antalya goes solar

Updated 1014 GMT (1814 HKT) October 21, 2011
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Antalya Solar House was built to educate the local population about the benefits of renewable energy. Courtesy Temiz Dunya
"We're not focused only on solar energy here," says architect Mehmet Bengu Uluengin, the designer behind the Solar House. "You first need to practise thrift before you use renewable energy -- spending less and producing more -- so we are really interested in the whole package." Courtesy Temiz Dunya
Sun-soaked Antalya wants to use solar power to generate electricity. Courtesy Temiz Dunya
Antalya mayor Mustafa Akaydin speaks at the opening of the Solar House in April 2011. Courtesy Temiz Dunya
Authorities say the the ecological research and educational center, which is built near Antalya's biggest shopping mall, has struck a chord with local residents and investors. Courtesy Temiz Dunya
Antalya, Turkey's biggest coastal resort, welcomes millions of visitors each year. AFP/Getty Images
The city, located some 700 kilometers south of Istanbul, is home to several luxury hotels. Getty Images