MC Hammer, pictured at a party sponsored by Motorola Xoom, has a team developing a search engine called WireDoo.

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Say what? Rapper MC Hammer launches a new ... search engine

WireDoo will give search results, plus results for possibly related topics, Hammer says

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You can’t Google this.

OK, maybe you can. But MC Hammer doesn’t want you to.

The venerable rapper, who helped usher hip-hop into the pop mainstream in the early ’90s, has rolled out a search engine he hopes will outperform Google, Bing and other established tools.

The project, called WireDoo, has been two years in the making, said Hammer (real name Stanley Burrell) Wednesday at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco.

At the conference, he said what will make his search tool better than Google (or, too legit to quit, if you will) will be its “deep search” ability.

“It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords,” he said, according to Mashable, a content partner.

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur (after some late-90s difficulties) said a search would render not just direct results, but also information on possibly related topics. Its tagline is: “Search once and see what’s related.”

Other details about the product were scarce.

WireDoo, which Hammer said he has a team developing, is still in pre-beta. Its website is currently letting people sign up to test the search engine when a beta release is ready.