'Oil Rocks'

Updated 1001 GMT (1801 HKT) October 28, 2011
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"Oil Rocks," in the Caspian Sea, is 120km from Baku, Azerbaijan, but still within the official city limits. Natasha Maguder/CNN
There are 2,000 workers on site at any one time. Some bring their families too. Natasha Maguder/CNN
Bedrooms for some of the 2,000 workers and their families. Natasha Maguder/CNN
Built in 1949, commissioned by Stalin, Oil Rocks is the site of the world's first offshore oil well. It still produces oil and gas. Natasha Maguder/CNN
A monument to the men and women who lost their lives building this "city in the sea." Natasha Maguder/CNN
Oil workers travelling to Oil Rocks by helicopter. Natasha Maguder/CNN
There are many interlinked oil platforms, piping Azeri oil and gas to the surface. Natasha Maguder/CNN
More than 60 years after it was built the site remains a huge feat of Soviet engineering. Natasha Maguder/CNN