Farm in the city could be supermarket of the future

Story highlights

  • Concept designed to produce all food of a modern supermarket on one plot of land
  • Dutch architects say they will use mix of technologies to create artificial growing climates
  • Scheme designed to reduce food production and transportation emissions
  • Crop scientist has doubts about creating artificial microclimates
Big cities are rarely home to thriving farmlands, but a group of Dutch architects hope to change that with the "Park Supermarket" -- an urban farming project that will attempt to grow and sell all the food of a modern supermarket in one place.
The firm behind the proposal, Rotterdam-based Van Bergen Kolpa Architects, intends to produce everything from risotto rice, to kiwis to Tilapia fish all on one 4,000-acre plot of disused land in Randstad, Holland's largest metropolitan area.
In defiance of the country's moderate climate, the