Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan

Updated 1637 GMT (0037 HKT) November 9, 2011
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The exhibition at London's National Gallery features nine paintings by Leonardo da Vinci as well as numerous drawings. Pictured is the unfinished painting, "Saint Jerome" (c.1488-90). Photo copyright Vatican Museums
Portrait of a Young Man ("The Musician") (c. 1486-7) Copyright Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana -- Milano/De Agostini Picture Library
Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani ("The Lady with an Ermine") (c.1489-90) Copyright Princes Czartoryski Foundation
Portrait of a Woman ('"La Belle Ferronnière") (c. 1493-4) Copyright RMN / Franck Raux
The Virgin and Child ("The Madonna Litta") (c.1491-5) Copyright The State Hermitage Museum
Christ as "Salvator Mundi" (c. 1499 onwards) Copyright 2011 Salvator Mundi, LLC
"The Virgin of the Rocks" (c. 1483 -1485). This is the first version of the painting, which normally hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is being shown for the first time ever opposite the second version of the painting, part of The National Gallery's collection. Copyright RMN / Franck Raux
"The Virgin of the Rocks" (c. 1491/2-99 and 1506-8) Copyright The National Gallery, London
The show also contains drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, including this anatomical drawing of the ventricles of the brain and the layers of the scalp (c. 1490-4) The Royal Collection, Copyright 2011, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Drawing of the head of a woman (c.1488-90) Copyright RMN / Thierry Le Mage