Mexico jail sweep turns up prostitutes, fighting roosters

Story highlights

  • Federal and state authorities searched a jail in Acapulco Sunday
  • They found 19 prostitutes and 100 fighting roosters
  • The jail director and others are under investigation
A sweep of a jail in the resort town of Acapulco, Mexico, turned up a number of surprising guests over the weekend, including 19 prostitutes, two peacocks and 100 fighting roosters, authorities said.
The sweep happened Sunday night and lasted five hours, Guerrero state spokesman Arturo Martinez Nunez said.
Drugs -- mostly marijuana -- and knives were also confiscated during the search.
The jail's director, Carlos Coronel Avitia, and other jail officials are being investigated because of the contraband that was discovered, Martinez said.
Three inmates accused of obtaining the illegal drugs and bringing them into the jail.
Other contraband included 100 televisions and other electronics, which are prohibited in the cells, Martinez said.
In addition to the 19 prostitutes, six female inmates were found living in the quarters of male inmates, another violation, Martinez said.
More than 400 federal and state police, plus more than 80 marines, conducted the sweep.