Obama on Iran, trade with China
02:03 - Source: CNN

Story highlights

Obama says no region will shape the U.S. economy more than the Asia-Pacific region

Obama says China should "operate by the same rules" as other nations

He met bilaterally with China's leader, as well as those from Russia and Japan

It was all during the APEC summit held in Hawaii

Honolulu CNN  — 

Leaders from 19 nations and representatives from two others met Sunday in Hawaii, talking trade and how to jump-start their own and the international economy.

Obama addressed reporters early Sunday evening, touting progress on several fronts in the Hawaii talks with leaders of 18 other nations and representatives from two others. Specifically, he referenced steps to increase trade, spur innovation, promote “green growth” and ease barriers to travel and interactions.

For instance, Obama noted that Japan, Canada and Mexico expressed interest Sunday in joining the United States and other nations in working toward a Trans-Pacific Partnership – an effort to spur regional trade. Tapping into the Asia-Pacific region’s markets is critical to the United States, Obama said, as it seeks to bolster its economy.

“I want (people overseas) to be buying goods with three words stamped on them: made in America,” the president said. “No region will do more to shape our economic future than the Asian-Pacific nations.”