Survey: Did churches do enough during economic downturn?

Americans are divided over whether churches and clergy have provided enough moral leadership on the country's economic problems, according to a recent survey.
Forty-six percent of respondents in a Public Religion Research Institute poll released Thursday indicated that churches have not provided enough leadership during the financial crises. Forty-five percent indicated the opposite.
This division, which is within the survey's plus or minus 3 percent margin or error, was seen throughout almost all religious denominations, including Catholics, evangelical Protestants and mainline Protestants. With 64 percent responding that churches had not done enough, minority Protestants were the only denomination to not show a division within the margin of error.
The same survey shows a religious community that is unsure of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Thirty-four percent of minority Protestants, 30 percent of mainline Protestants, 29 percent of Catholics and 18 percent of evangelical Protestants indicated that Occupy Wall Streets message did not share t