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The Turkish buses carried hajj pilgrims home through Syria

The attack began when a Turkish driver made a wrong turn, a report says

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Two people were injured Monday when Syrian soldiers attacked a convoy of Turkish citizens who were passing through Syria on their way home from a hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, Turkey’s state news agency reported.

Three buses were damaged in the attack, which involved shooting, the Anatolian Agency reported.

The incident happened at a military checkpoint between the towns of Hama and Homs after a driver took a wrong turn and asked Syrian soldiers for directions, the report said.

The injured men, who included one of the drivers, were taken to a hospital in Antakya, Turkey, the report said.

“We were shocked, didn’t know what was happening,” the injured driver told the news agency. “All passengers hit the floor of the bus.”

Turkish consulate officials advised them to drive non-stop to the border, he said.

“We drove with one flat tire and reached the Cilvegozu border town,” he said.

CNN’s Talia Kayali contributed to this report.