Larry King joins bid to buy L.A. Dodgers

Larry King joined a bid to buy the L.A. Dodgers baseball franchise.

Story highlights

  • King says he's bidding as a part of an investor group
  • The former CNN talk show host is a native of Brooklyn, where the Dodgers once played
  • The club filed for bankruptcy in June, and owner Frank McCourt agreed to sell
Longtime talk show host Larry King says he's joined an effort to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.
"It would be a thrill of a lifetime to be a part owner, a partial owner, of a team I grew up rooting for as a child in Brooklyn," the former host of CNN's "Larry King Live" said Wednesday."
"To go to a ballpark and have an owner's box, to even have a say in a possible trade -- are you out of your mind?" he asked rhetorically.
King says he's part of group of investors interested in acquiring the franchise, despite its apparent financial troubles and unresolved contract issues with Fox Sports.
Major League Baseball, which took charge of the team in April, has been embroiled in legal battles over future media rights after baseball Commissioner Bud Selig rejected a $3 billion television deal with Fox.
The beleaguered club then filed for bankruptcy in June and has since drawn a number of high-profile buyers into the bidding process after team owner Frank McCourt agreed to sell.
A court hearing over the Dodgers' future media rights is scheduled for December 7.
King's investor group, meanwhile, is led by insurance agent Dennis Gilbert, who also works as a special assistant to Chicago White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.
"What bigger thrill?" asked King, a native of Brooklyn, New York, which the Dodgers once called home.
The team, formerly known as the Trolley Dodgers because of the maze of trolley cars that Brooklynites once dodged in the streets, eventually shortened its name, then and moved to California, kicking off its first L.A. season in 1958, to the dismay of many New Yorkers.
"The emotional part would be that they'd have to carry me out," King said of his possible part-ownership stake in the team.