Ancient Greek coins go under the hammer

Updated 0244 GMT (1044 HKT) January 4, 2012
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More than 600 ancient Greek coins -- the Prospero Collection -- are to go under the hammer at an auction in New York on January 4. Courtesy: Noble Investments
The treasure trove was assembled over three decades by a private collector but has been hidden away for the past 20 years.
The collection includes coins, such as this silver Tetradrachm, featuring the head of Dionysos, which are of artistic significance. Courtesy: Noble Investments
Paul Hill, expert on ancient Greek coins, says many of the examples in the collection are "miniature works of art." Courtesy: Noble Investments
Others, such as this silver Dekadrachm featuring the figure of Alexander the Great, are of historical significance. Courtesy: Noble Investments
The coin is believed to commemorate Alexander the Great's defeat of the Indian King Poros at the battle of the Hydaspes in 326 B.C. Courtesy: Noble Investments
The most valuable coin in the collection is this Pantikapaion gold stater, depicting the head of a bearded satyr, which is expected to sell for more than $650,000. Courtesy: Noble Investments
Hill says the coin, which also features the figure of a winged griffin, is "one of the masterpieces of ancient Greek art." The entire collection is expected to sell for $8m. Courtesy: Noble Investments