Panoramic views of ancient Rome -- in modern-day Germany

Published 1708 GMT (0108 HKT) January 11, 2012
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German artist Yadegar Asisi specializes in creating super-sized panoramic paintings. His views of Rome and Pergamon are currently on display in Dresden and Berlin. Courtesy: T. Schulze/Asisi
Asisi spends at least a year working on each painstakingly-researched painting, starting with sketches... Rick Noack/CNN
And moving on to the computer to build up the design. Rick Noack/CNN
The panorama is an art form which dates back to 19th century Europe, but it fell out of favor when cinema became popular. Rick Noack/CNN
Today -- thanks to the popularity of Asisi's works -- the panorama is seeing a resurgence in Germany. Rick Noack/CNN
Visitors to his Rome panorama, in the east German city of Dresden, climb a 15-meter high tower to view the painting. Rick Noack/CNN
The panorama, an image of the triumphal procession of Emperor Constantine the Great on October 29, 312, is 27 meters high, 107 meters long and weighs 750 kilograms. Courtesy T. Schulze/Asisi
The finished panorama is enhanced with lighting and music effects, allowing visitors to view the city at different times of day. Courtesy: T. Schulze/Asisi