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The bombings happened in the northern city of Kirkuk

The two car bombs targeted police officers' homes

Most of the wounded are civilians

Baghdad CNN  — 

At least 20 people were wounded, some critically, in a double bombing Friday in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, police said.

The two car bombs targeted the homes of police officers in different parts of the city and detonated within half an hour of each other, said Gen. Torhan Abdulrahman, the deputy police chief in Kirkuk.

One targeted an officer’s home in the center of the city, close to the governorate building. The other was in the northern part of Kirkuk.

Most of the wounded were civilian bystanders, Abdulrahman said. The explosions also caused severe damage to nearby buildings.

Kirkuk is an ethnically mixed oil-rich city about 150 miles (240 km) north of Baghdad.

CNN’s Jomana Karadsheh contributed to this report.