IMF head: Euro crisis 'everyone's problem'

Lagarde:  World interest to solve crisis
Lagarde:  World interest to solve crisis


    Lagarde: World interest to solve crisis


Lagarde: World interest to solve crisis 03:23

Story highlights

  • IMF head Christine Lagarde says the eurozone crisis will hurt other regions
  • She says the solution rests with Europe, but the rest of the world should help
  • Progress must continue or the future looks "very uncertain and very dangerous"
IMF head Christine Lagarde says no country will be safe from the eurozone crisis if action is not taken soon.
Speaking with CNN's Richard Quest at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said the crisis was already impacting economies far beyond Europe.
"There is no country in the world that I visited in the last eight weeks, and I visited many, that hasn't said the eurozone crisis is not a problem for me, for my economy, for my country, for my growth," she said. "Everybody has an interest in trying to fix the problems of the eurozone."
While the solution rested with European leaders, the rest of the world should do whatever was required to help them solve the crisis.
"The Europeans have to help themselves, but the international community has to be on their side because it's in the international community's interest, and in each country's interest, that the situation be remedied promptly and comprehensively."
She said that with international pressure building to address the crisis, there had been encouraging signs that leaders were ready to take action.
"I believe that while there has been improvement of the situation, because Italy has done more and better, because Spain is doing more and better," she said.
"But there shouldn't be complacency. There should be an urge to continue doing what needs to be done. Otherwise, the future looks very uncertain and very dangerous."