Cold spell slams Europe

Updated 1319 GMT (2119 HKT) February 13, 2012
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A man walks through snow covered banks of the Danube river in Zemun near Belgrade on February 12, 2012. Cold weather claimed seven more lives on Sunday in the Balkans -- two in Albania, one in Serbia and Bosnia respectively, while three more victims of an avalanche that buried several houses in a southern Kosovo village were found. AFP/Getty Images
A picture taken on February 11, 2012 shows the frozen Damse Vaart in Damme. For the 13th consecutive day, temperatures in Belgium were below zero degrees Celsius. This is the longest cold wave for Belgium since 1941. AFP/Getty Images
Mist rises from the partially frozen Great Ouse river on February 11, 2012 in Huntingdon, England. The Met Office recorded the coldest temperature so far this winter with -16C registered in Holbeach, Lincolnshire. AFP/Getty Images
People walk on the frozen Aussenalster river during the 'Alstervergnuegen' on February 11, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. The very popular annual city festival 'Alstervergnuegen' takes place around the Alster lake in Hamburg. AFP/Getty Images
People walk on the frozen lake Zwischenahner Meer in Bad Zwischenahn, near Oldenburg, northern Germany, where blocks of ice have been cut out. AFP/Getty Images
The castle and the old bridge are seen over the frozen river Neckar in Heidelberg, southwestern Germany, on February 12, 2012. Temperatures remain cold in Germany as the death toll from Europe's big freeze rose past 550. AFP/Getty Images
Lighthouse and lampposts are covered with heavy ice in central Adriatic Croatian port of Senj, some 200 kilometres from Zagreb, as the sun sets on February 8, 2012. There are more than 100 villages still trapped by snow in remote, mountain parts in Croatia. AFP/Getty Images
Bobsleigh riders walk at a small hill in the Olympic park in Munich, southern Germany, on February 7, 2012. AFP/Getty Images
A man walks past concrete steles of the Monument for the Murdered Jews of Europe after fresh snowfall on February 9, 2012 in Berlin. AFP/Getty Images
A woman sporting a fur hat walks in the center of Ukrainian capital of Kiev on February 9, 2012. Helicopters ferried food and medicine to iced-in villagers Wednesday as the cold snap tightened its frigid grip on the continent.
A man walks with his dogs next to Queen's Mere pond in the snow on Wimbledon common on February 10, 2012 in London, England. The Met Office cold weather alert remains at Level 3 as southern parts of England continue to suffer from cold weather and freezing conditions, with further snowfall overnight. AFP/Getty Images
People skate on a frozen pond in Prague on February 6, 2012. Meteorologists this morning measured minus 39.4 degrees Celsius, the coldest temperature of this winter, in Kvilda village, in the South Bohemian Sumava mountains. AFP/Getty Images
A picture taken on February 6, 2012 shows horses in a field covered with snow in the Corsican village of Cognocoli-Monticchi. In France, 39 of the country's 101 regions were on alert for deep cold or snow, down from more than half the regions at the weekend. AFP/Getty Images
A monument is covered with snow in Kiev on February, 6, 2012 after heavy snowfalls in Ukraine. Ukraine on Monday blamed alcohol abuse as the main cause of deaths caused by a spell of abnormally cold weather that has claimed at least 135 lives over the last 10 days. AFP/Getty Images
A man walks under an umbrella during a snowfall in downtown Skopje on February 6, 2012. AFP/Getty Images
A man takes pictures of a Bartholdi fountain covered by ice on February 6, 2012 on Terraux square in Lyon, eastern France. In France, 39 of the country's 101 regions were on alert for deep cold or snow, down from more than half the regions at the weekend. AFP/Getty Images
A dog plays in the icy Elbe River on Monday, February 6, in Hamburg, Germany. The Arctic cold snap in Europe has claimed nearly 300 lives, brought air travel chaos to London, and dumped snow as far south as Rome and even North Africa. AFP/Getty Images
People walk through a park in Burgos as snow hits northern Spain on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
A man snowboards Sunday in Caen, France. Seventy-five French departments were under medium range (orange) alert for snow and ice Monday. AFP/Getty Images
A frozen fountain stands in front of Buckingham Palace in London on Sunday. Heavy snow fell overnight across southeast England, causing many roads to become blocked. AFP/Getty Images
iReporter Fabrizio Buzzi sent this shot taken in central Rome on Saturday. "People go out to enjoy the experience as snow is a rare sight in Rome," says Buzzi. courstey Fabrizio Buzzi
iReporter John Pe shot this photo of the streets of Rome blanketed by heavy snowfall. He said local residents have "gotten their snow gear and have taken to the slopes!" Courtesy John Pe
Snow paralyzes traffic in Bucharest, Romania, on Monday. Cosmin Stan/CNN
Ice accumulates in the Trocadero fountain in Paris, as France faces low temperatures. AFP/Getty Images
A man walks past an ice-covered car Sunday on the frozen waterside promenade at Lake Geneva in Versoix, Switzerland. AFP/Getty Images
Two girls sled down the hill Sunday in London's Alexandra Park. AFP/Getty Images
People stand in snow Saturday in front of the Colosseum in Rome. AFP/Getty Images
A man puts snowchains on his car Saturday in Rome. Heavy snowfall caused the Italian capital to grind to a halt. AFP/Getty Images
A boy and his mother skate on the partly frozen Elbe River on Thursday as the skyline of Dresden, Germany, is silhouetted in the background. AFP/Getty Images
A man pets a dog next to frozen sea waters in Constanta, Romania, on Wednesday. Temperatures plunged to -34 degrees Celsius (-29 degrees Fahrenheit) in central Romania. AFP/Getty Images
People walk on an ice-covered dam next to frozen Black Sea waters near Bucharest on Wednesday. AFP/Getty Images
A man is seen through an icy window Wednesday on a tram in Sofia, Bulgaria. AFP/Getty Images
In the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, temperatures dropped to -22 degrees Celsius (-8 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday. The cold temperatures were blamed for at least 31 deaths in the country. AFP/Getty Images
A skier takes advantage of the unusual snowfall in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday. The snow paralyzed daily life there. Getty Images
An ice fisherman waits for a catch on a frozen lake near Sofia on January 30. AFP/Getty Images
Animal lovers helped remove the snow that covered the "second chance" dog shelter outside Glina, Romania on January 28. Courtesy Mugur Varzariu
Bulgarian women walk through heavy snow January 28 in Rakovski. AFP/Getty Images
A man clears snow off a vehicle in Sofia on January 27. AFP/Getty Images
Freshly plowed snow frames a road in Bucharest on January 27. AFP/Getty Images
A dog takes shelter from a blizzard in Catelu, Romania, on January 26. AFP/Getty Images
Pedal-boats and canoes sit in frozen water in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 26. AFP/Getty Images
iReporter Cosmin Stan sent in this photo from Bucharest on January 26. "The problem was not the quantity of the snow, but the strong winds," he told CNN. Courtesy Cosmin Stan
Skiers make their way through the snow near Oberhof, Germany, on January 25. AFP/Getty Images