Being waited on hand and foot now comes at an affordable price in Tokyo. A new butler-themed cafe in the Japanese capital is proving a hit with young females in search for a relaxing afternoon, an English lesson and just as importantly the chance to interact with friendly foreign men.

Shibuya’s “Butler Cafe” in the heart of the city has surroundings that bring to mind a Victorian grandmother’s sitting room, with classical music, ample accents of lace and more hearts and roses adorning the furniture than can possibly be counted.

After interviewing 200 women on the streets of Shibuya nearly six years ago, owner Yuki Hirohata found that nearly all of them listed English conversation practice as a leading goal because they wanted to “communicate with foreigners.”

Western men in particular have long enjoyed popularity among Japanese women, and Hirohata’s survey revealed that they especially liked how the foreign men made them “feel like princesses.”

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