After a wave of initial interest, Google+ has struggled to cut into Facebook's networking lead.

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Users spent only a little over 3 minutes on Google+ in January, according to a new report

That's compared to 7.5 hours for Facebook

Google says its social network has at least 90 million users

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Users spent just 3.3 minutes on Google+ in January compared to 7.5 hours for Facebook, according to a new comScore report.

The gulf between usage on G+ and Facebook has always been large, but comScore’s numbers show a downward trend for Google’s fledgling social network. Users spent 4.8 minutes on the network in December and 5.1 minutes in November, the report said.

The usage figures come after Google has trotted out some impressive stats outlining Google+’s growth. In a call with analysts last month, Google CEO Larry Page said Google+ had 90 million users compared to 40 million in October.

Reps from Google could not be reached for comment on the report. In the past, Google has taken issue with third-party reports about Google+, noting that they don’t track users who access the site remotely, among other factors. (ComScore doesn’t include mobile users in its data, though it plans to soon.)

Google is putting a huge amount of emphasis on Google+. Last April, Page told employees that 25% of their annual bonuses would be tied to the company’s social strategy that year, which primarily involved the yet-to-be-announced Plus. The company also integrated Google+ results into searches in January, a program it calls “Google Plus Your World.”

Despite the latest report, though, there’s some encouraging news for Google: Website-Monitoring crunched the numbers this month and found that Google+ is getting less male dominated and is catching on big in India, where 13.69% of Plussers now originate.