Football transfers 2011

Updated 1329 GMT (2129 HKT) March 6, 2012
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The average age of a player transferred internationally was 23, with Argentina star Sergio Aguero a high-profile example. The striker swapped Atletico Madrid for Manchester City in July. The TMS states that the majority of transfers were for players between the ages of 22 and 27. The oldest player to move between countries was 46 according to the figures. Getty Images
According to football's global governing body FIFA, an international player transfer was conducted every 45 minutes in 2011. Coincidentally, the same length of one half of a game of football. Getty Images
The amount paid by clubs in compensation during international transfers was $3 billion, according to the TMS. Although some teams splashed out on expensive names, such as Paris Saint-Germain's reported $56 million outlay on Javier Pastore, the average transfer fee was $1.5 million. Getty Images
Although football clubs paid huge sums to purchase superstars last year, 70% of all international transfers in 2011 were of players who were out of contract. One such example is Dutch midfielder Mark van Bommel (pictured), who moved from Bayern Munich to AC Milan after his contract was terminated. Getty Images
The TMS calculated that the average annual wage for a footballer is estimated to be $244,000, but this figure is influenced by a low percentage of players who are on huge wages -- such as Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Getty Images
Of all international transfers in 2011, 20% of them involved Brazilian and Argentine players. Brazil accounted for 13% of all international transfers, which equates to 1,500 players. Andre Santos is one such player, after the Brazil left-back moved from Fenerbahce to Arsenal in August. Getty Images
The Transfer Matching System also takes into account the international transfer on minors (players under 18). European minnow Albania were involved in the highest number of international transfers for minors, ahead of Brazil and France. Getty Images