Nissan DeltaWing unveiled

Updated 1529 GMT (2329 HKT) March 14, 2012
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Nissan's radical DeltaWing will take part in June's Le Mans 24 Hour race. It has drawn comparisons with comic-book hero Batman's iconic "Batmobile." Nissan
The DeltaWing was designed by Briton Ben Bowlby and was unveiled at a ceremony in London on Tuesday. Nissan
The DeltaWing will not be included in the official Le Mans 24 Hour race classification, but its inclusion is aimed at promoting greater fuel economy. It will complete the race using half the fuel of its conventional counterparts. Nissan
The DeltaWing will not be driven by the "Caped Crusader" but by Germany's Michael Krumm and Britain's Marina Franchitti, left -- the younger brother of IndyCar legend Dario Franchitti and cousin of Formula One's Paul di Resta. Nissan