Bringing Bruegel to the big screen

Story highlights

  • Painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder is brought to life in new movie "The Mill and the Cross"
  • Film by Polish director Lech Majewski, who wrote 1996 film "Basquiat"
  • Image brought to life through painstaking craftsmanship and latest technology
  • Director describes the resulting film as a "digital tapestry"
Depicting, among other things, Christ's procession to the cross, Spanish soldiers presiding over an execution in sixteenth-century Flanders and a mysterious mill perched atop a hollow cliff, Pieter Bruegel the Elder's 1564 painting "The Way to Calvary" is a complex, multi-layered work laden with symbolism and drama.
Looking at it, according to Polish director Lech Majewski, is rather like watching a movie unfold -- which is why he has brought the painting to life in his new feature film "The Mill and the Cross."
"I started as a painter and a