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    The Next List: Jose Gomez-Marquez


The Next List: Jose Gomez-Marquez 06:37

Editor's note: Anna Young is a researcher at MIT’s Little Devices group. She works with Jose Gomez-Marquez, Founder of the Little Devices group. CNN’s The Next List profiled Jose and his work hacking toys to make affordable medical devices.

By Anna Young, Special to CNN
"For this trip to Nicaragua, you should measure success not by the number of temperature and pressure data points you guys collect from the device. What really matters is the number of design modifications from Nicaraguans that you can bring back to Boston.”
    This was Jose Gomez-Marquez’s advice as our team packed and planned for a two-week trip to Ocotal, Nicaragua, to test our medical-instrument sterilization device for use in rural clinics. This solar-powered technology will ensure that even the most remote clinics have access to clean, sterile instruments to perform simple surgical procedures.