Report: 17 killed in Russia market fire

Story highlights

  • Death toll rises to 17
  • The fire destroyed a warehouse, news agency says
  • Vendors used the building as living quarters, according to report
  • Another fire engulfs a skyscraper that will be Europe's tallest
An early-morning fire at a market in southern Moscow killed at least 17 people Tuesday, Russia RIA Novosti news agency said.
The fire burned down a two-story warehouse at the Kachalovsky market, which vendors used as living quarters, the news agency said.
It took eight teams of firefighters two hours to put out the blaze.
In an unrelated incident Monday evening, fire engulfed the top floors of an under-construction Moscow skyscraper that, when completed, will be Europe's tallest.
No one was hurt, state media reported.
The fire at the Federation Tower broke out just before sunset and spread over the 66th and 67th floors of the building, RIA Novosti said.
The tower will have 93 floors when completed in 2013.
Officials said insulation, tarpaulin and other construction materials left on the top floors started the blaze, the news agency said.