Family Pic: France's haute cuisine dynasty

Updated 1342 GMT (2142 HKT) April 10, 2012
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French gastronomy is in Anne-Sophie Pic's blood and in 2007 her restaurant, Maison Pic was awarded the three-Michelin-star rating. Jeff Nalin
Sophie Pic, Anne-Sophie's great grandmother, established her cafe, l'Auberge du Pin in 1889. The fare grew popular with the area and food lovers would come from all over to savor her signature dishes, including sauteed rabbit, poultry fricassees and various gratins. Courtesy Maison Pic
Anne-Sophie Pic says: "My great grandmother taught my grandfather how to cook, so the family cuisine came from a woman." Pic's grandfather, Andre Pic was awarded the three-Michelin-star rating in 1934. Courtesy Maison Pic
Like his father before him, Jacques Pic also won a three-Michelin-star rating for his French cuisine in 1973. Thirty-four years later, his daughter, Anne-Sophie would get her three stars. Courtesy Maison Pic
The Pic family's restaurant, La Maison Pic, in the Rhone-Alpes town of Valence. Pic says: "When we lost a [Michelin] star in '95, I decided to return to the kitchen. I felt I had lost my father's third star, and I had to get it again for him." Courtesy Maison Pic
Pic runs her restaurant Maison Pic with the love and support of her husband, David. She says: "I let him manage everything but the cuisine ... His work is as important as mine, but he accepts not being in the spotlight and, for me, that's proof of intelligence. And love." Courtesy Jeff Nalin/ Maison Pic
"All my emotions are feminine, so I have this feminine way of cooking," says Pic. Her dish of Turbot Concombre shows the simple, feminine elegance of her creations. Courtesy Ginko/Maison Pic
"When you get the third star you now must give more effort , more energy to maintain standards and even improve the organization," says Pic. Her first Paris restaurant, La Dame de Pic, opens in September. Courtesy Stephane Asseline/ Maison Pic
Pictured here, one of Pic's famed dishes, Tarte Legumes. Pic believes the best advice she can give is to remind people to develop their talents. She says: "Sometime it takes a lot for people to understand what they are on earth for. You have to trust yourself." Courtesy Ginko/ Maison Pic