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A protest outside the Egyptian parliament building against the Constitution Drafting Committee, on March 28, 2012.

Story highlights

  • Egypt is preparing for next month's presidential elections
  • The state of the economy will feature highly on the campaign agenda
  • MME speaks with Muslim Brotherhood senior adviser Gehad El Haddad
IN FOCUS: Egypt's Shaky Economy

All applications are in for Egypt's presidential elections next month. The candidates are vying to lead Egypt on a new path following last year's revolution and they have the economy high on their agenda. But as MME found out, they will have a long way to go before the economy is back up and running.
FACETIME: Gehad El Haddad, senior adviser, Muslim Brotherhood

An Egyptian court has suspended the country's Constitution Committee over concerns that it doesn't reflect the diversity of Egyptian society. Critics argue the committee is highly dominated by Islamists and is unrepresentative of Egyptians. MME spoke to Gehad El Haddad, a senior adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood, who denies the accusations.
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