Ripples from Spain's illegal adoptions

Published 2030 GMT (0430 HKT) April 25, 2012
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Sister Maria Gomez at a Madrid court hearing in April. She is the only person so far charged in the illegal adoption scandal that has gripped Spain. AFP/Getty Images
Baby Juan Luis Moreno with the parents who told him they had bought him from a nun. Moreno Family Photo
Juan Luis Moreno (center) with his mother and childhood friend Antonio Barroso, another child who was told he had been illegally adopted. Moreno Family Photo
As adults Antonio Barroso (left) Juan Luis Moreno set up Anadir, an association for Spain's stolen children aiming to help reunite children with their birth parents. CNN
Ines Madrigal whose mother says she was given the girl as a gift. Family photo
Ines Perez and her daughter Ines Madrigal, who now wonders if she was stolen from her natual mother. CNN