Road to Rio makes its final stopoff in Mexico city looking at the city's green initiatives like eco patrols and biking initiatives along with a visit to the landfill turning trash into energy.

Story highlights

Road to Rio makes its last pitstop in Mexico before the Rio +20 conference in June

Philippe Cousteau becomes a eco patrol officer in Mexico

Later we explore the city's biking initiatives and visit a landfill converting trash into energy

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This month’s Road to Rio takes us to Mexico. From solar trees to a hotel made from concrete tubes, Philippe Cousteau, Gabriela Frias and Rafael Romo will search for the country’s most innovative carbon reducing ideas.

Philippe will experience a day in the life of a Mexico City eco patrol officer as they enforce the city’s emissions laws. Gabriela will explore Mexico City’s dedication to biking initiatives with Mayor Marcelo Ebrard. And lastly Rafael will travel to one of the largest landfills in the world where trash will soon be converted to energy.

Mexico is the last stop on the road to the Rio +20 sustainable development in June.

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