Inside the Finnish maker of 'Angry Birds'

Published 1219 GMT (2019 HKT) June 3, 2012
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The headquarters of Rovio, makers of "Angry Birds," sits on an inlet of the Gulf of Finland in a suburb of Helsinki. Rovio occupies four floors of this office building. CNN
Rovio created 51 failed games before coming up with "Angry Birds" in 2009. CNN
Small clay figures -- look familiar? -- made by the children of employees at Rovio decorate the offices. CNN
A wide variety of "Angry Birds" products are for sale in the Rovio offices gift shop. CNN
Thirty percent of Rovio's revenue comes from products like stuffed toys of the characters in their games. Merchandise inspired by the game ranges from clothing and cookbooks to theme parks and beyond. CNN
This Angry Birds soda is for sale at a convenience store in Helsinki. CNN
Graffiti-style "Angry Birds" characters are painted on the walls of the offices throughout the space. CNN
A Rovio employee wears an "Angry Birds" sweatshirt as he works. CNN
A display in Rovio's offices shows a real-time chart of the top 20 iPhone app downloads in the U.S. "Angry Birds Space" is No. 1. CNN
A mural of an "Angry Birds" character, the Mighty Eagle, adorns a conference room at the Rovio offices. CNN